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At All money tips, we always try to give an honest guide for the deferent type of money making jobs in India. This time I thought why presents a full guide to data typing jobs without investment daily payment.

Data typing jobs are one of the coolest jobs found on the internet. Here you have to work with a lot of data and type them according to order. A lot of students and housewife work in data typing jobs and earn a good income in India. Unlike you, a lot of people does not know how exactly get data typing jobs without investment daily payment without getting scammed? Here we go… 🙂

What is a Data Typing job?

Data typing jobs are simple typing jobs where you will provide data and you work will type them as per given instructions. As per simplicity data typing jobs does not require any long introduction.  Hence here are few comment data typing jobs from home that you can start without any investment.

1.Work to Excel Data typing jobs:

You will be providing 100-200 word documents and as per instruction, you have to type those data into excel.

Offline MS Word Typing Jobs Without Investment – (Rs-1650 Daily Earning at Home)

2. PDF to Online from Typing:

You have to download PDF and as per instruction, you have to type those data into the online form.

3. Employee database management from MS-excel to Ms-access:

A lot of company has their own employee management system, so they try to make a quickly accessible database for the instant query. Your work will create an MS access table from excel data.

4. Data scrubbing:

You have to clear errors from data. Some type by deleting, replacing or typing a new work into work files.

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How much can you earn with Data Typing jobs?

Data Typing Jobs Without Investment Daily Payment

Earn money by typing words is truly depend on this tree thinks-

  1. How much can you type in a day?
  2. How Error free you can type.
  3. Projects Feasibility and payment rates.

Tips: How to improve your Data typing speed?

Hence an ideal person with 25-30 typing speed with 3-5 hours of work can earn – 7,000-10,000 from Indian data entry typing jobs.

If you have a 35-45 typing speed with 5-8 hours of work can earn 12,000-25,000 per month. Awesome!

Additionally, you can start a small office with 3-5 computer and run tow shift data entry typing jobs projects. You can start a small business of data typing jobs without any investment.

After deducting all expenses you can earn 10 X 5,000 INR= 50,000 INR per month.

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How to know a genuine data typing jobs?

There are two types of data typing jobs available on the internet –

  1. Paid registration data typing jobs.
  2. Data typing jobs without investment.

No doubt most of the paid data typing jobs are a scam and want to make you fool by taking registration fees.

So when you sign up for always sign up for data typing jobs without investment.

Check ISO Certificate Jobs and MCA Registration details.

Don’t forget to check out latest payment proof and talk to others member directly.

How to get data typing jobs without investment daily payment in India?


Unlike real data jobs finding any without investment, jobs are like nightmares. Still, we have 3 ways to find it.

1. From the Internet:

Google: Search for “data typing jobs + FREE + without investment + Genuine” and shortlist all the website offer data posting jobs without investment.

Upwork: Upwork is the best place to get freelance work from all over the Worlds, You can place ads like “data typing work from home in Mumbai” or “data typing jobs in Bangalore” set hourly work with low fees, this will help you to find home based jobs without investment daily payment.

Freelancers: be a Freelancer and create a profile in, describe your data typing jobs skill and soon you will be hired.

Also, you can submit free classified ads into quikr jobs or other local classified sites to get hired.

2. Find data typing jobs in your city:

Govt Office: If you really want to get legitimate typing jobs from home then you should look up for data typing jobs in your city. Create a list of all govt office and visit them one by will give you result.

You can print a low-cost visiting card from vista print and asked few govt. administrative to contact you if is there any data typing jobs available. This type of data typing jobs is free to start and only need a PC to process the work.

Work from Book Publisher: you can get book typing jobs from home. We believe that there will be few book publishers in the city. There is always a keen demand for good data typeset in all publishing projects, you can easily get offline typing jobs by making few good friends in your local city.

Telecom Projects: We have already talked about how you can get genuine data entry jobs from BSNL tenders, hence here is another opportunity of getting online jobs for high school students in telecom section. You can contact the nearby distributor for freelance data typing jobs or get hire for full-time data entry operator.

The work will be a mostly entry all the data from new SIM Card activation, customer portfolio, and other excel data.

Scam Safety tips:

If you able to find data typing jobs without investment, then there is very few chance of getting scammed. Here are some extra protection tips for you.

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Though you are working in free projects but still check out support and how friendly the company with you.

After getting your first payment don’t invest a lot of money in paid projects immediately. Try out for 3-6 month of working and then upgrade a paid projects.

Never ignore to read Term of Service and rejection criteria.

If you sing for an international data typing sites make sure to check out reviews and payment method. Don’t join any websites blocking payment in PayPal and Payoneer account.

Share this article as much as possible on Facebook &  Google+, let’s us know your comment and which way you are able to find data typing jobs without investment daily payment?

Share your inspiration thought and suggestion with us.

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