10 Small Business Idea under 5K, To Earn 35K per Month in INDIA

I am impressed that you are taking interest to search Business Idea under 5K over internet. A business with a dirt cheap amount of 5000 INR is possible and its successed. Before I getting started to lead you , you must accept this truth in order to get success- Don’t feel bad when you have not big amount of money , even with a small amount of money you can earn 35K business while people failed to do so with 50K investment. All up to you and how is your risk taking ability and offering good service. So let get find it-

Amazing 10 Business Idea under 5K for India People:

Here below I am going to guide you from How to start and How to Lead? At the end of this Post I let a Question-Answer round that help to to getting start with some vital tips that i may missed while i write this article. Please understand that i have work limitation so if i missed something do comment to get answer.

 1. Business of Sell Mobile Recharge Coupon and Sim Card:

Who does not have Mobile phone this day! So why not start a business of selling Mobile phone recharge coupon and SIM card, for getting started 5,000 INR investment will be enough. You can rent a small shop into your local and contact network operator distributer in order to get Recharge Coupon.

2. Printer cum Photo Copier:

If you are success with Selling Mobile recharge coupon business, why not let your business go to the next level by using a printer cum photo copier, this type of chip printer will be available into marker with in Rs- 3,000-7,000 and you can use it for both printing purpose and photo copy (Xerox). After having success of 3-4 month of your existing business you can buy it. Now you have existing business of selling mobile phone recharge coupon and printing cup photo copier. On the other hand if you already have a computer in your home, then you can start a fresh business for DTP printing as well as photo copier or Xerox business. Affi-[Review Low Budgets Printer Cum Photo Copier on amazon]

3. Tea & Breakfast Shop:

Road side tea stall will be most preferable choice of India people for light breakfast, lunch & afternoon tea. If you are looking for a Business Idea under 5K you can getting started this one. The Initial investment is very low; you have to buy few household idem (most of them may be founded on your home kitchen) to setting up your shop. Make sure to be seen your business nearby bus stand, in front of Gov. Office or big corporate house, hostel campus will not be bad choice.

Business Idea under 5K

4. Boiled Egg & Egg Omelet Shop:

Everyone knows the health benefits of Boiled egg. Why not start a business of Boiled Egg & Egg Omelet Shop. Very chip invest with expecting monthly income on big sells. If you can find a perfect place for getting started, I think Boiled Egg & Egg Omelet Shop is a perfect Business Idea under 5K.

5. Fast Food Shop:

On weekend everyone loves to have seated on a Fast Food Shop for try change the regular food test. Unlike Tea & Breakfast Shop you don’t have to find crowded places to set up your shop. You can start it even in your colony, or start beside a flat or housing complex. If you don’t have any recipes and cooking skills you get involved someone for do this. Stating this type of business with a group of friend will be better.

6. Blogging/Writing Articles:

If you are passionate to writing something about new! You can start setting your article online. With Rs- 5000 you can set meeting with 50+ blogger to let them show your few article, if then like to publish your article into their blog you can expect a good payment from their end. If you are a new starter I recommend working as pay as you wish policy. Let try it by writing a guest post here 🙂

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7. Consumer rights and legal Advice:

So you are form low far right? Still unemployed? Why not start a Consumer rights and legal Advice business into your local. Now a day people buy online product and interest to deal on incredible thing/ But when it’s come to know the legal part or consumer right they fell lonely. So you can use your low experience and help. This time also I recommend to goes with pay as you wish policy or take service first and pay later policy.

8. Sell on Olx/Quikr:

If you are a regular viewer of our blog (www.allmoneytips.com) you probably know we have a long discussion on how you can start setting old item listed on Olx/quikr , you can start this business form your home and a perfect business idea under 5K. Use your android phone to search profitable old item on Olx and Quikr, now set a deal to buy and sell those items.

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9. Fresh Fruit Juice Shop:

A Juicer machine and few invest to purchase Fruit will be great to start a Fresh Fruit Juice Shop in this summer. If you are not like to get started indoor summer jobs in India, then you might be interested to start a Fresh Fruit Juice Shop in your local. Additionally, you can sell lassi and lemon water into your same shop.

10. Tuition Centre for Nursery class to 5th Class children:

You can start a Tuition Centre into your flat. Around 500 family averages lived in flat. So if you want to start a Tuition Centre for Nursery class there will be big opportunity to earn good passive income.

Hmm, so which one of this you like most? How do you plan to get started? Do you need any more help to settle your business? Let us know by commenting here! Also don’t forgot to give me advice if you have a new Business Idea under 5K!

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