100+ Work from Home Jobs IDEA for Housewife make Independent

For a woman, nothing is more satisfying while she has good part time jobs. As a housewife in India continues as walking women is not an easy task. Many of women leave their full-time jobs while she is getting married. After the marriage is a very good idea to start doing something to leave your life reasonably. This is called a self-employed woman. So in today article, we will show your 100+ opportunity for every Housewife or mom to earn money by starting work at home jobs or home base business. Let’s get started.

So, Which Type of Housewife is you?

No doubt your level of education playing a good role of your home base job. So before we start talking about work like a crazy let me classified the available job for housewife into 4 types.

  1. Secondary & Higher Secondary Educated Housewife:
  2. Graduate and Post Graduate Educated Housewife:
  3. Graduate India Housewife Jobs:
  4. Housewife Jobs without Computer:

List of Jobs for Secondary & Higher Secondary Educated Housewife:

Secondary & Higher Secondary Educated Housewife jobs

1.  Android Jobs:

Do you know an Android phone can make you earned in many ways? You can use share and start marketing deferent type of Android apps into your friend and family and in return earn smart commission daily (As like taskbucks). Yes, we know some of you are already try this and not able to earn more than 1000 in a month. But it’s way better jobs than asked some to pay your phone bill instead you earn by this way.

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2. Baby Keeping and Playing Scholl: Child Care:

Do you like to play long day with baby? Why not start earning from your free time by started a baby keep job to your home. Also, you can ask your husband to invest some extra money in starting a playing school. This way you might need an extra room be engaged with full of a toy but a great way to Entertain your child and earn money in the same way.

3. Bank CSP Jobs:

This one needs an opportunity! You can contact Deferent type of bank to get a CSP (Customer Service point) license. This way you can start a home base business and start earning passive income. A regular bank CSP can earn up to Rs-20,000 of commission per month out of 50,000 of the one-time investment.

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4. Cake Baker:

Do you love to make a cake with care and love! Why not start to give fire to your this fantasy by started your own cake bakery at home. It’s one of the good jobs for housewives and easy to start with little investment. Hence these types of business need good market coverage and reputation in your food quality. Once your business start growing, you can add some more housewives to help you.

Housewife jobs

5. Data Entry Jobs:

Do have good typing skill? You can start Offline Data Entry jobs from your home. It’s the oldest way to earn money by doing computer jobs at home. You can start two types of data entry jobs – 1. Online Data entry jobs and 2. Offline data entry jobs. Both are ideal for the housewife.
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&  Online Typing jobs Rs-1/- Registration Fees 5 Years Trail Daily Payment

6. Face Painter- for Birthday party:

A kid like a party and enjoying their face painting before they get started. So you can become a face painter to make kid smile while they go to any fancy party. The Basic set up for start face painting jobs from your home is very easy. The entire required product can be found on amazon and you can order online. In below in this video will show in deep.

7. Gift Guide Creator:

A perfect gift always makes him/her day. But choosing a perfect gift for a complicated person is not an easy task. Let’s misusing of this common problem and start earning by becoming a Gift Guide Creator, you can start this job at your home and a perfect way to earn money for a housewife. Make your sense to choice and guide people to choice a perfect.

8. House Cleaning Service:

There is plenty of opportunity in House Cleaning Service in India. You as soon as you will start this service you can earn money by providing house cleaning service, by selling house cleaning product and in an advanced level you can start housemaid agency providing service with the return of earning.

9.Kid Tutorial Jobs:

So you have free time and want to earn money at your home, why not starts a kid tutorial service at your home. You can buy education toy and digital learning kids for teaching. This way the kid will learn a lot of new thing without putting any additional presser. This type of Kid Tutorial Jobs is now growing up into the major city like Delhi, Hyderabad, and Bangalore.

10. Massage Therapist:

If you have are a well-trained for a physiotherapist or having an interest in starting Massage Therapist job you can start it at home. The Getting started item can be found very easily with 5K small investment. The return investment for this job is very grateful; a professional physiotherapist can earn 15K-25K per month. What do you think?

11. Sell Homemade Food Online:

Do you love cooking? Why not start selling homemade food online. You can hire a website developer or buy pre-design e-commerce website and add custom food item of your favorite dishes. Now start product marking and as per your order you can sell and deliver homemade food across your city. Its look littler complicated but you can take help from an expert internet marketer for getting started. After 6 months of training, you can make yourself prepared for this job.

12. Sell homemade item online:

So you have childhood creativity and have good experience of designer and create a beautiful homemade item. This is a good time to start selling those homemade items online. You have two way to sell your item. The first one is very simple , apply for amazon & eBay seller account. Now take a photo of your beautiful homemade item and put a price to your inventory. That’s it! Now whenever people taking internets into your product amazon and eBay will send order details and shipping address. Now get delivered and start earning from this amazing shopping website.
Note- You can start selling science toy for a school project, it’s also a good way to earn money from online shopping website.

13. SMS Jobs:

We have covered a lot of getting started article into our previous post. It’s a one of the chip good jobs for housewives. You have to send SMS (both professional and transactional message) to earning money online. The average earning that you can expect is up to 5,000 per month. Are you interested? Let’s start it here SMS jobs from here.

14. Become an Independent Home Base Distributor:

You can start growing a business by becoming an Independent Home Base Distributor. There are so many companies like Harballife , patanjali etc. For starting this type of Independent Home Base Distributorship, you don’t have invest any amount and easy to grab the commission.

List of Jobs for Graduate and Post Graduate Educated Housewife:

Graduate and Post Graduate Educated Housewife jobs

1. Ad Posting Jobs:

You can start online ad posting jobs in CYBER EXPO , It’s a simple work where you will provide classified sites list and ad matter. You have to post ads on those websites and as per your month posting you will be get paid from Rs-4.00- Rs-10.00 ,Let check ad posting jobs demo from here and have a look on earning professional from here. The average earning of a professional ad posting workers is up to 7,000 and very much recommended online jobs for homemakers.

2. Baby Planner Jobs/ Baby Proofing Consultant:

For getting started a good family no doubt baby planning is the most vital point. You can get professional training for Baby Planner and start a Baby Proofing Consultant service at your home. Being a housewife it’s easy to understand what other woman is trying to explain as well as women will be more predicated with an another woman.

3. Clixsense jobs:

Clixsense is a famous online PPC website where you can earn money by taking a survey , view ads and sharing Clixsense to other. It’s free of investment and instant way to make money online. Hence the only one thinks that I dislike about Clixsense is low payment. You can take this website as a passion for earning some money for your mobile bill , but don’t expect any big earning. Sign up and make and found yourself as popular Clixsense earner from here.

4. Data Conversation Jobs:

Data conversation jobs are most likely converting Data from one format to other , Just take an example you can work excel to word data conversation job or word to excel conversation job. Sometimes you may have to translate content into the deferent language.

5. Blogging Jobs:

My favorite , I did not find any reason not to start a blog. once Albert einstein says everyone is a genius , I agree too! Everyone is like to do something or love to write on it. Why not take your passion to next level by starting a blog on what you love to do. Share your article to the worlds let Google AdSense and other affiliate marketing network pay you.

6. Event Planner:

You might already know a lot of thing about event planning. It’s an excellent career for housewives to start an event planner jobs at your home and earn passive income.

7. Form Filling Jobs:

Getting a scam free online form filling jobs is not an easy task. Hence Graduate and Post Graduate Educated Housewife can start both offline and online form filling jobs from here.

8. Garments jobs:

A lot of Indian Housewife having certified training on textile and garments work. Why not start a small Boutique into your home and make your passion be fly on the sky for passive income.

9. Hand Writing Jobs:/ E-Book Writer:

Every year before exam time a lot of suggestion book and test paper need be published. A lot of writers hire 10-15 part time hard writing worker for scripting their upcoming book for publishing. A housewife with good handwriting skill can start passive income by starting handwriting jobs from home.

10. Kitchen and Home Item Review on YouTube:

This one a brilliant idea, if you have, are not afraid to go in front of a camera. You suppose to use online shopping websites like amazon and eBay and order Kitchen and Home Item to review them. A lot of people will love your YouTube channel , and who knows one day you will be famous like this household hack channel.

11. Kitchen and Home Review on Blog with amazon affiliate marketing:

So you are afraid to go in front of the camera that very much confidence how to review such online shopping products. Let move on to start your own coupon blog and share only the most amazing and helpful Kitchen and Home product. Now you can use amazon India assisted affiliate id and earning up to 30% of commission as soon as you are manage to convene some of your blogs read to buy it online.

12. Mystery Shopper:

Beware of scam! Well, Mystery Shopper is one of oldest way to make money online. Here housewife can get a list of product to shop secretly. After completing the shopping you have to answer few question like how good was the service , how much time does it take to collect it and this help business owner to review and understand their market growth.

13. Photographer:

Who takes that awesome photo? Are you the one? If you have all the equipment to take an awesome photo . then this is the right time told you that any housewife can utilize their free time to take the photo and sell it online. You can earn up to $1-$10 on per photo.

14. Social Media Marketer:

Do you know lot of people are now spending their free time to the social media website. You can contact website owner if they will hire you as Social Media Marketer. By increasing the popularly of such website or business productivity on social media website (Facebook , twitter , YouTube etc.)

15. Start a blog on Traditional Recipe and India Food (Sell eBook as affiliate marketing)

No doubt India women especially India housewife love Chaat food. Why not start a blog on Traditional Recipe and India Food and start earning from your blog as 100 way. Also, you can write your own EBooks on Traditional Recipe and India Food and sell it into your blog. Happy earning.

16. Travel Planner:

It’s another career for housewives , Become a travel planner and earn money from you home. Only you have to be good experience and internet surfing knowledge to create excellent travel plan. This type of jobs has a big commission from Travel Coordinator and Travel agency.

17. Wedding Planner:

It’s another popular way that housewife uses to do from their home. Any personable women can start part time Wedding Planner jobs and earn money by setting up amazing wedding plan with low budgets.

List of Jobs for Only for Higher Post Graduate Educated Housewife:

List of Jobs for Only for Higher Postgraduate Educated Housewife

1. Artist/ Painting Jobs:

Do you love painting? If you want to see yourself as good painter as well as part time worker why not start painting jobs today. You can work as photo painter , face painting or amazing t-shirt painting jobs to earn from your home.

2. Birthday Party Planner:

As like Wedding Planner , Birthday Party Planner is an alternate to start passive income from home. It’s a satisficing job for divorced housewives as they can spend a lot of with kids. Only you have to invest few bucks to buy some Birthday Party decorating item or move this job to the level by giving rest of fancy party dress. What do you think?

4. Graphic Designer: and logo designer

A housewife with special skills of Graphic Designer and logo designer can easily earn 25K/month. Let start using your free time with your MacBook and earn money from Graphic Designer job. if you wondering how to get project then simply goes to fiverr.com and register your name. You can earn up to $5 on per project.

5. Guest Posting Jobs:

So you are a good writer , why not start guest posting job today. You can find website list who accepts guest posting into their blog and start earning money from becoming a websites promoter. You can contact website like nakri.com and if they like your article then it’s a good chance to get paid as a part-time guest poster.

6. Interior Designer:

An artistic eye can make a house beautiful. Why not start an Interior Designer sitting at your home and start passive income. Very likely you can start a website and upload all your work and pricing so that people can hire you.

7. Jewellery Maker:

Start marking personable lite-weight Jewelry at your home to earn money. It’s an another good job for housewives. You have plenty of ways to sell your Jewelry like into your locality , to your friend and at the end why not online.

8. Online Teaching Jobs:

A lot of websites now hiring women for an online teaching job. You can register your name and after pass the interview your start teaching online. This type of jobs has very less opportunity in countries like India.

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9. Proof Reading Jobs:

Housewife with good grammar knowledge can start home base proofreading jobs. This type of jobs has a lot of opportunities. You can contact book publisher your locality and start working at your home.

10. Software Developer:

Become a software developer. Start putting ads on the internet that you are available to hire for small software and mobile application development. Get paid for each project.

11. Tax Consultancy and E-filling Jobs:

Nothing to do on the weekend! Let become a Tax Consultancy and e-filling jobs on the weekend. If you have back ended with low and taxes education it’s a good idea to start this passive job.

12. Resume Writer: and Highlighting Service

A good resume will highlight a student’s career. You can start a part time resume writer and Highlighting Service online and start passive income.

13. Virtual Call Enter and Virtual Assistant Jobs/ Chat Agent:

Love to chat on mobile hole day? Make this habit as a money making the idea. Start a Virtual Assistant Jobs like live chat or email support and start personable earning setting at your home.

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Am I able to create a hope to start work at home jobs? I have listed almost 44+ popular jobs for the housewife , let me know which one you like most? I think you have decided to do something new! Why not let me help you! Asked if you have any question and share your feedback and thought on the comment section , I will love to reply back. HAPPY EARNING.

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