Online Captcha Entry Work – Is it Legitimate System to Earn Money Online?

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So, I decided to share this amazingly frustrating and infuriating experience of the most discussed topic in Online Captcha Entry Work. Is working in Online Captcha Entry Work will involve you in cyber crime? Or just a low paying genuine online jobs?

Hi, this is Anirban from All money tips and today we will revile the secret of Online Captcha Entry job! let get started-

So, What is Online Captcha Entry Work?

If you have ever opened any new email id on Gmail you must see a security box that you suppose to solve in order to prove you are a human. Free Captcha typing jobs are based on this procedure. As soon as you are login into your captcha entry work member area you will start receiving thousand of captcha to resolve. This way you can earn $1.5.

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Online Captcha Entry Work may use for illegal purpose!

Think if you resolve daily 1000X5=5,000 captcha image in captcha work sites then you would be earning $5-$7 in the day. But have you ever think what the uses of that captcha work?? NO idea?

Well, let’s say an internet spammer want to active 1000 email id and plan for using a script. But the problem is- that automated script can’t pass the email captcha verification. So email service provider stops immediately to prevent bot.

Now the real scam tricks begging, auto email activator script now use some type of proxy server that scans the captcha image and delivers to captcha server. (Where you are working)

Now innocent people like you will solve that captcha, and again the proxy server send those solved captchas to email service provider, this way email service provider compromise to think that the automated script is not a bot and as it’s passed the security test using your help.

So in conclusion for a few dollars you are participating or helping spammer to create a thousand of fake email address, this are the email id may be used to sell in gray market or may be used to send spam email

Still, you want to sign for online captcha entry work? let me tell you in the comment section.  🙂

Online Captcha Entry Work – Cybercrime or legal Jobs

Still, can you really earn money? Does it worth your time?

After all of this trouble, Can you really make money from Online Captcha Entry Work? I think no. There is two reason of saying like this –

1. Low paying rates:

Captcha Entry Work is mainly popular in Country like India, Bangladesh, Nepal etc. Let’s say you find a genuine captcha work without investment and getting payment on time, still, you can’t make more $4-$7 by doing 6 hours work. So are you happy with such low earning?

Frustrating work: You can’t make a lot of money from captcha typing work as it’s a frustrating work. Your typing speed must be 35-40 and must be mistake free. If you have that skills of typing then why not sing for genuine data entry jobs in India from here.

2. You can’t cash out:

Instead of few captcha entry jobs must of captcha entry work don’t allow you to cash out. WTF? Yes, there is few sites like captcha club allow the member to work but you can’t cash out your money. Is it worth your time? Not really so why participate in illegal work?

Why are you involving in Cybercrime in India by doing Online Captcha Entry Work?

After overall review, you might knew this that doing captcha typing jobs is nothing but involving in cyber crime. So be stop as we have hundred of more legit mate way to make money online.


After reviewing various point and long discuss we came to know that-

  1. Online captcha entry work is low paying online jobs.
  2. Working in online captcha entry work will help spammer to do illegal work.
  3. You can earn good money from captcha typing work, but sometimes you can’t cash out from hard work.
  4. Working in captcha work does not mean you are doing the cyber crime but indirectly you helping in spammer to do the cyber crime.
  5. Beware of online captcha entry work.

Interested to Work on genuine Captcha Entry Jobs in India?

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  • Max. captcha entry:12000
  • Rates Per captcha Entry: Rs-3/-
  • MAX. Monthly earning: Rs- 36,000/- INR
  • Payment: Weekly
  • Minimum Payout: Rs-100/-
  • Service tax: 12.5%
  • Free Captcha Entry Software for Desktop: YES
  • Free Captcha Entry Software for Mobile: YES
  • Risk-Free Agreement: YES
  • Hidden Charges: NO

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The above reviews are based on other consumer reviews from the internet, we are not talking about any particular captcha entry work websites or company. If anyone has genuine captcha entry work they can share their business structure and we will highlight them by stand along in genuine captcha sites.

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