New 50K Startup Business Ideas with Low Investment and High Profit

These days,  new business idea are more influential than traditional old business. Here the idea is really mattered than investing money. So today we are going to introduce 10 new business idea that makes you to Be Your Own Boss, So let’s set up your own business with an investment of Rs.50k and gain handsome profit every month after month. Aloha, if you’re already fed up of being bossed at your current 9 to 6 job and not frustrated about not having the financial independence you’ve always wished for then I think you’ve landed on the right page. Here we’ll help you choose a business of your liking from 10 different businesses which you can kick start with a mere Rs.50,000/- within India. Read on to learn all about it.

10 business idea under 50k in india

10 Business Ideas to start with Rs.50,000/- In India:

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1.Work at Home Jobs – Franchisee Business:

Here you can setup your own business without having to leave your home. You’ll be provided with all the required raw materials, all you’ve to do is spread the word and attract as many clients you can who potentially might be interested in home based jobs. This type of Franchisee business is best for housewife those are looking for jobs on the internet.

2. Interior Designing consultant:

If you carry a creative mind and you’re artistic too then this particular business can do a world of good to you by channelizing your creative juices being an Interior designing consultant. All you have to do is share your creative ideas with your potential clients according to their personal taste and requirements and that’s about it you’re good to go. The more novel and unique your ideas are the better prospects you’ll have in doing really well in this business.

 3.Handicraft supplier:

Handicraft supplier business idea under 50K

This one is my personal favorite mainly because it involves art & creativity and that too primarily from Under Privileged Rural people. All you need to do is help these people sell their hand made goods by being a supplier of Handicraft items. In this way, you’ll help the poor hardworking people while making your own profit simultaneously.

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 4.Trader (shirt buttons, jeans, belts etc) apparel segment:

This is one of those aspects of modern era which is here to stay, it’s none other than clothing & apparel segment. All you’ve to do is research the market and decide what exactly should you invest in when it comes to clothing and apparels. The better choice you make in understanding the market, reading the trends  & investing accordingly the higher are the chances of you making a big profit out of this business.

5.Custom made T-Shirt:

Custom made T-Shirt business idea under 50K

You’ll love this business idea & in fact can run it in tandem with the above mentioned business idea of trading in shirt buttons, jeans, and belts. For this, you’ll have to hire one or few skillful tailors who can stitch new brand T-shirts as per the customer’s choice and preference. You also can provide a detailed catalog of various designs and styles to your potential customers from which they can conveniently choose and place the order. It’s as simple as that.

 6.Nutritional advisor:

Nutrition, a healthy the need of the hour in today’s day & time. If you think you’ve enough interest and impressive knowledge in this particular subject you definitely should invest in it and setup your own Nutritional advisor office. The more knowledgeable and experienced you are the more clients you’ll attract through the word of mouth.

 7.Teaching-/Private Tutors:

It’s well known, Knowledge grows when you spread & share it. So, here’s your chance to grow your knowledge along with your bank balance. If you think you’ve impressive teaching skills you should consider investing in the Teaching-/Private tutors business. You can even hire efficient teachers, ex-teachers, and tutors and pay them according to their experience and job efficiency.

 8.Fresh Fruit Juice Shop:

Fresh Fruit Juice Shop Business idea under 50K

Our country India is great and unique in its own ways but If you’ve noticed, it’s always either too hot or humid or both together all through at least 8-10 months of the year. For quick hydration and refreshment usually, people resort to cold and fresh fruit juices of different kinds. You might want to consider investing in this business as it can yield good returns all through the year if you maintain ethical pricing and excellent quality standards.

 9. Audio Recording services for medical projects (pharma companies need audio talents for various projects you can act as a company providing these services)

I’m sure the chances are less that you’ve ever heard of this type of work. But take my word for it…It’s a booming business. All you need is a good sound proof audio set up the room and you’re good to go. There are many pharmaceutical companies who are always looking for good quality audio recording services and they pay handsomely for a good quality service.

10.Graphic designing and printing:

If you’re creative and if you basically have a sound knowledge and interest in computer graphic designing and printing you can mint money all through. Even if you don’t have any knowledge but are still keen to start your own business in Graphic designing business you can simply invest in the entire set up that’d be needed to start this business and hire professionals who have enough experience and knowledge as graphic designers & later on you can consider hiring fresher’s too. Yet another business which Is here to stay and rather a boom.

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So What do you do to make your own stand alone business? Which one of this business idea are you going to start implementing today? Let me hear your thoughts and experiences in the comments below! Don’t forget to share this post with your friend on Facebook.

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