10 Genuine Online Night Jobs for Students & Retired Person of India

I call doing night jobs on online – A silent night Owls jobs. Also, I love to do online night jobs as here I can give my maximum effort and concentration that is way better than day work. So if you are planning to do some work from home jobs at night then you are in right way. Let’s get started to make money online from 10 Genuine Online Night Jobs that most people do not know. (Also Read- 10 Genuine Online Evening Jobs that most people does not know.)

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10 Genuine Online Night Jobs that PAY Daily in INDIA:

Virtual Assistant and Live Chat Support:

There are thousands of website now a day supporting their customer with live chat and email support. Most of the online Service provider websites completing each other with less than of 10 minutes of live and email support respond.  So there is hug demand of night Owls jobs works at home jobs seeker who can support their customer overnight. Here is a list of website that offers Virtual Assistant and Lives Chat Support jobs at night.

10 Genuine Online Night Jobs that PAY Daily in INDIA

Data Entry Jobs:

The first 2 word that came to my mind while I thinking about data entry work is – Spelling Mistake and accuracy rates. So if your data entry is a type of jobs where its need the maximum focus and concentration that is almost impossible while you are working on daytime. So You can take online or offline data entry jobs and start spending your free time on the night.

Attend-  Do you know 95% of data entry jobs are a scam, so you might wondering about Genuine data entry jobs right? Here is Top 5 genuine data entry jobs list in India. (Cheers)

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Software Developer and Code Magic:

Are you a coding lover? Do you know you can earn 45K on per project by doing night base Software Developer jobs? Only you have to register with the following freelance websites. And once you receive a project start giving your 100% focus and see the result. The magic part is the possibility of earning money from being a Software Developer is endless. Even you can start a bedroom software developer company and start making money on the night by designee cool staff.

Freelance work: Upwork:

Upwork is my favorite freelance websites. You have thousands of freelance bedroom base jobs opperchunty are available here. The procedure is very simple, once you have registered a free account in upwork you are good to received projects as per your skill. The reason of listed upwork as an Online Night Jobs is to you can work anytime anywhere, just make sure you have net access too. So very ideal for night work from home jobs seeker.

Writing Jobs:

You can start freelance writing from your home. CYBER EXPO offer 10-100 article writing jobs in free registration with no target. So take a project from CYBER EXPO spend your night time to work and get paid directly into your bank account. Why not join a conversation with CYBER EXPO lives Chat agents from here. With the best success.


If you asked me which is the most profitable online jobs to become a milliner then my answer will be blogging. Yes by start a blogging you can earn endless. (See how much labnol.org earning every month) If you are looking for long term online jobs at night I will suggest you start a blog as a part time income opportunity and spend 3 hours at night every and see the result after 2 years. Once to ready to leave your full-time day work, you can start blogging as your full-time passion and earning source.

Guest Post:

You can become a professional guest post worker by submitting guest post into deferent websites. Take an example you can write for nokri.com and published their jobs article to other blog or website for off page SEO. This is how you can earn up to  1000 INR on each article posting. Cool na!

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