How to Make money from Yahoo questions & Answer?

300 million question is   answered so far on yahoo questions. It’s a great achievement for the oldest search engine like yahoo. So is this only for the keen of information that people asked such a king amount of question? or people can earn some hidden direct or indirect profile by answering  yahoo questions? You are right “Yes” there is few way that you can use to earn money from yahoo! So let get started.

Yahoo questions & yahoo answer: 4 way to Earn money online:

1. Earn from point: Understanding Point and Level:

Are you personable guys who supposed to asked so many questions online and very often answer a lot to responding other people question? Then You are going so close to earn a lot of point in yahoo answer. Let see this table ,

yahoo questions - point

Here you can get an idea for how many question-answer how many points you can manage to achieve. This point can be used as your reputation and you will be addressed as a loyal person and people get more surely on your staff. Now let’s talk about money? See as per yahoo declaration there is no way to convert this into money. But You can earn sell or get promote your account as a form of money.

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2. Become an Online Shopping Consultancy:

A ton of people love to asked question on yahoo just before purchase something from shopping websites like amazon , eBay or Flipkart , Use this as an opportunity and refer them best product suggestion with your hidden affiliate links , once people get shopped using your affiliate links you will earn commission from an e-commerce site. This is another full proof way to earn by answering yahoo questions.

4. Earn from Gadget Review:

Hum , This one needs some extra popularity on Yout YouTube or blog. Let’s say you are a popular blogger or Youtuber on Gadget review! And you can answer such question asked about Mobile phones or other gadgets and as people know you online as a reputed and smart Geeky so if you refer any brand or gadgets surely it will get sold , using is this advantages you can like to answer on yahoo answer and earn commission from affiliate marketing.


5. Promote Business through yahoo questions & Answer:

So you have a business and want to promote it online right? Why not search for your business niche and answer such question to yahoo answer and put a link to your business website /blog or Facebook page in order to get more responses and online customer. Take an example – You have a small shopping website that sells saree in pune. Now you can search on yahoo like this “Best saree market in pune” or ”buy saree in pune”

Now think Mrs. Savita want to know which is best saree in pune around 5,000? Now you can simple answer him like this –

Hay , Mrs. Savita We have online store in pune and we deliver within 48 hours , here we have an exclusive collection of share that fit your budgets , Check this out – {Your website URL-Serch Sharee around 5000} this will redirect Mrs. Savita and more women like her to your website and gain your sells lead day by day.

This will redirect…

Mrs. Savita and more women like her to your website and gain your sells lead day by day.

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Bottom line: Yes , we understand that yahoo never catch the tail of  Google and you can earn way better from Google! Still using this above mention will help you to cover such visitor of yahoo that never can be caught in Google search. Let me know which of the tricks you are going to using in future? Also allow me to know that Do I Have missed something to cover in this article! Waiting to respond to your comment.

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