How to Make 2 Lakh rupees/month with Affiliate Marketing? (With Proof)

The Term “affiliate marketing” is really a complicated matter and very few internet marketer choice this as an income opportunity. But we believe that even a guys with zero marketing knowledge can earn money by doing affiliate marketing on the Internet.

What is affiliate marketing? With a real life affiliate marketing examples:

Let’s take an example of how affiliate marketing programs Work.  “Rajiv go cashless and want to buy a brand new DSLR from but he is very confused as there are so many brands and so many models! Also, Rajiv has a limited budget of Rs-28,000.00 – Rs-30,000 to buy the best DSLR. Now let’s say is a blog where Rajiv find all type of amazing DSLR review and very satisfied to get a list all available DSLR camera list which came under Rs-30,000 in India. Now Rajiv buys one of them from by using linked from, now the magic part of affiliate marketing started. As soon as Rajiv done his payment for her DSLR camera give a big commission to the owner of by thanking him/her for recommending the product through affiliate links.

Now think 🙂 ,  there are a thousand of people buying such online product and service in every house and you can use your blog as a trusted review website and make people convinced to buy anything from other e commerce websites. This how the internet marketer earns a deluxe life of 6 figure earning every month.

Sound interesting? Let’s get started to reveal how ordinary guys earn 2 lakh rupees/month with Affiliate Marketing?

what is affiliate marketing

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How online affiliate marketing work? (The technical part)

So how they track you when you refer someone to your website? It’s very simple to you but very complex to understand the technical part. When you sign up for any type of affiliate marketing program they give you a custom link that you should use. And now if someone try the affiliate link they lading an awesome predesign lading page that helps to make the product more attractive for a better sales lead. Every affiliate marketing companies use deferent type of affiliate plugin or script that help server to keep a track on this basic statistic like-

  1. How many referred from a particular affiliate ID
  2. How many sales made through a particular affiliate ID.
  3. Referral source and much.

Some of the affiliate systems is a program so well that they can keep tracking a full IP address and browser information also. Let’s say you refer someone for a product but on that time visitor just skips out without doing any purchase but later after 20 days the same visitor came back (Should be same IP address) and finally do the payment. Now as you are already referring this visitor so you be rewarded the commission into your affiliate account. How cool is that?

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The requirement to start a fulltime affiliate marketing in India?

There are so many fundamental ways to start earning from affiliate marketing, even you can start the basic affiliate marketing by sing up and start earning from it.  Facebook pages as a part time income source from affiliate marketing. But this is not the way we recommend when you are looking for fulltime affiliate marketing.

  1. Build a Micro niche website:

If you really want to make a handsome earning from affiliate income you should build micro niche websites. Let’s take an example of, its blog on blogging tips run by harsh agarwal, he builds this website as a micro niche. He published only on Web hosting and blogging tips. He is very famous and when every a new blogger want to buy something (like – SEO Tools, Web Hosting, Blogging or Email marketing software)for upgradations of their blog they search and use tips and recommendation, this how earn $25,000 + monthly commission from a deferent type of affiliate network. How cool is that? I guess this the luxury life you want!

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2. Build a YouTube Channel on gadget review:

Do you hate writing for your blog? Here is an alternate way to use affiliate marketing into your YouTube channel. Let’s create a YouTube channel on gadget unboxing and reviews. There is so many YouTuber earning Million of money from their channel. Once you completed a unboxing or review of any products into your channel you have to put few link for buying that product, now whenever any views purchase anything inspiring from your channel you will get rewards.

What is the payment procedure for India affiliate marketer?

PayPal, Bank wire transfer are the most common way to get paid for the deferent type of affiliate marketing channel. Hence don’t worry about PayPal account creation. It’s a very simple and here is a guide to creating a PayPal account in India. Have fun and happy earning.

How actually can you earn 2 lakh rupees/month with Affiliate Marketing?

Let’s come to the point. So you want to earn 2 lakh rupees/month with Affiliate Marketing! Not an easy task. But not an impossible to do. Lots of people doing so on the internet and enjoy there deluxe life.

Make a master plan 🙂

Let’s Decide it first that whether you are going to open micro-nice blog, YouTube channel or from a random website. Here we module affiliate marketing success to 3 Plan,

Plan A – Only from your blog:

Create a micro niche website- Create a blog and start blogging on a particular topic, its help you to target audience and build better sales ravine.

Create a review website:

You can create a blog base on a product review. People now a days used to shop online, but sometime people go confused which product will be better, so it would be a great idea to start a blog on gadgets and other products reviews.

Create a random blog website:

Are you running out of idea? Let create you blog as per your vision. Yes, its truth that running a micro nice website is way better to earn money from affiliate marketing. But we always recommend doing a blog on a topic that you love and passion about it. So maybe you earn less with a random topic blog but there is big chance to increase your overall review from other motorization.

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Plan B- Only from your YouTube and Facebook page

The success ratio is but low when you plan to start earning from your YouTube and Facebook page, you have to be more professional and passionate about your staff and the presentation should be eye catching for it. Once you get the success you can easily motorization your Facebook or YouTube channel for affiliate income.

Things to Consider for 2-year full proof plan that you should follow to earn your 6 figure monthly earning!

Traffic and Google SRPE position:

You blog will be stuck if you don’t get better SRPE, remember most of the popular blogger manage to keep their blog on Google top search result. This generates organic traffic. Its help you to engaged more visitor to refer to affiliate products.

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Blog Brand name and brand value:

Remember to make your blog as a popular brand and keep maintenance your brand value. This is how people will share you blog to other and search directly to your blog on your blog niche.

Honest review and winging your blog reader truest:

Remember you blog and YouTube channel is nothing without your audience. So make sure to always write fare reviews and promote top rated products so that your audience never get disappointed with you.

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YouTube Channel popularity:

Like, Dislike, the number of the subscriber, share and view on your video is the key thing of getting success as YouTube, make sure to get at list 1 lacks subscriber and most of the video get thumbs up.

Hope this all information will help you a lot on understating the relations between blogging, affiliate marketing and earning money. Its really so confusing that we need more work to explain. Let me know by commenting which of part of affiliate marketing need to more explication. We will be written back to you. Thanks for your comment.

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