How to start selling product/Item on Amazon India? Low investment High Return

Who does not like to sell their creativity product to all over the country? Past there it’s an Imposable to dream about selling your small shop products to all over the India, but e- commerce sites like amazon India change the methodology of selling. Now a  from a part of India , no matter how small or large your selling business you can get customer all over the India using Sell on Amazon service. So Reader in today article we are love show a text & Infographic that will give an extreme inspiration to get ready to for become a power seller on Let get started-

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The benefit of Start Selling on Amazon India?

  1. Sometime we make ourselves limited for very few number of customer. We have an awesome stand along a product that supposed to be sell like crazy but due to less opportunity of customer we failed. Now with amazon India, you can start selling your product all over the India. More over its all are quite easy , just register your seller account on amazon and set your online store over there. Now set back and relax. As soon as you start receiving your order amazon will contact you for start deliver process.
  2. With Amazon prime and another associate courier service, Sell on Amazon will be quite easy and trusted.
  3. No fixed pricing to become a seller on amazon , you will be charged a small amount of commission only once you sell something on using amazon.
  4. Never doubt about payment and security, on time payment with awesome communication support that makes your business hassle-free.
  5. It is big possibly of selling a larger number of product thought amazon and gaining big profit overnight. It’s almost impossible on local sells.
  6. Don’t have to worry about showroom or in font shop to attract people , even you can start this at your home also.

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How to Start Selling on Amazon India?

sell-on-amazon Sell on Amazon India

You can start selling your product on amazon India within minutes, Registering is so easy here. Let me guide you , first of all, use this link and register your business on amazon. There are 5-10 steps will be there like as follow-

Step 1: Register your business basic information like with your name , email address ,  and organization name. Make sure to Verify your mobile number by using amazon OTP Code.

Step 2: Now verify your email address and Update your Address , PAN , VAT , TAN And CST number. Ohh-Hoo doesn’t be afraid for those legal documents , its depend on your product type , category and how much product you are going to sell annually. Some time for a small shop only your PAN or TAN number is enough to get started.

Sell on Amazon

Step 3: Next is Seller interview , here amazon team will ask you about your type of product and in which category you want them to sell. The Amazon product support team will review your product and within next 48 hours your product will start displaying on amazon search result and listing page. Now you are good to go.

Step 4: For the further process, you can move your seller account to the next level by register your brand name and bank account details to get your side payment. Also, there is a lot of more attractive and useful way to improve your seller dashboard If are interested in explaining some of them let us know in a comment.

Step 5: Now you can set back and wait for your first order , as soon as people start taking interest in your product and make any request , will get back to you with a sales order.

Enter Bank Details in Amazon Seller account

Step 6: Now Depending on your location and courier pickup service either you or amazon will pick up your order and deliver it to the customer through courier services or via India post.

Step 7: Now its customer term, as soon as they received their order into their door steps and confer it on amazon , team amazon will make your payment into your register bank account.

For knowing another term regarding amazon user policy and standard term of service with refund policy have look on this link.

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Is it free to sell my product on Amazon India?

Sell on Amazon India

Nope , amazon will charge you a small amount of commission on each seller made by you. The actual commission rate is vary and depend on your type of products that you sells, hence to more light up on amazon India seller charges you can refer this links on . The good thing is you don’t have to pay any monthly charge for using amazon seller dashboard .

Who going to Deliver my Product to Customer all over the India?

May be you! Depend on your location if there is no amazon associate courier pickup service available then you have to use your own third party courier service to deliver your order to the customer , in that case, most of the India seller prefer DTDC and India post. While DTDC has their own pickup service but in order to use India post you have to visit the nearby post office to book your consignment.

Stand out with Awesome Support and advertisement on Google:

Amazon Sponsor Products: As per quora there is 16,000 plus seller is register with amazon India , Yes it’s a big amount of business competitors so you have to take care of your product price and it would be great if you can stand along with your product by using Amazon Sponsor Products , Actually it’s a paid service and in return your product will be listed on Google search , amazon search top result and many more possible web space for better sells.

Amazon Seller Support: You might be wandering for running an online business and manage your seller dashboard you might need support from an expert , that’s why amazon has brought 24X7 chat/phone call support service for the seller , when even you need any clarification or any support you can contact them over there.

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Bottom line tips:  Well , now you know the Infographic to become a seller on amazon India , what do think now? I guess you will plan to get started right? Why not asked few question regarding your start up and we will let you the latest update as per our marketing research. Do comment !Let share ! Stay tune!

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