9 Way to Get Paid To Write Online Article and Content Marketing!

People, Media, and the Internet can say thousands of lie about make money online , But My 5-year experience on Internet earning is clear on this point that Get paid to write online is the best way to earn money online. Yes, it’s true that earning money online is as hard as like real life earning as well as its take lots of time, patient, and experience to touch good money from online. There is a lot of ways that could help you to earn more than a full-time income from online freelance writing jobs but it’s recommended that you understand the versatile and classification and which are the most opportunity full way to getting started.

9 way to get paid to write online article and content marketing:

I have seen a many of around you are writing so well that blow reader mind , but you guys may be less-perrhenate and due to lack of information and proper guide , So here we present an ultimate guide on 10 popular way get paid to write online article and content marketing.

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1. Freelance writer:

So you have a full-time job and want to spend your extra time as a freelance right? Then it’s a great idea to start it right away , here are the few mostly liked legitimate website to earn as Freelance writer.

  1. freelancer.com: It’s a most popular website to getting started your freelance writing jobs , To make money , you have to just create a new account and set your PayPal account ready to get paid. An average quality writer can be hired on $25/per hours base that is amazing for we India people.
  2. freelancewriting.com:Here is another website to get paid to write online jobs. The reason why I am introducing freelancewriting.com is because of Top Source for Freelancing Work and you are 1 minutes away to earn $30-$38 per hours just by creating a free account here.
  3. upwork.com: Old , modernisation and reputed website on Freelance writer , here you can 1 million business profile visibility and suitest way to get hired as Freelance writer@$25-$50 per hours. You have to create your account and that’s it to get started. This website is way bigger that you think and probably the best directory to find Freelance job word wide.
  4. fiverr.com: As a website owner everyone loves this website mostly. Virtually you can do anything in fiverr.com. So almost 10 of 8 webmaster hire freelancer from this website , even I do so. So let’s get register on fiverr.com and start earning through writing an assignment.
  5. iwriter.com: It’s another website to get paid to write online , here you have to find freelance writing job and earn money legitimately.

get paid to write online

2. Become a Guest Poster:

If you do a little bit background research on Off page SEO strategy then you will be addressed that there is big opportunity to earn Rs-300.00-1000.00 on daily. There is so many popular websites like naukri.com are hiring quality blog post writer or social media post writer for their website. You can earn money from them by posting 50-100 article in a month into other popular guest post accepted websites.

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3. Become a Fulltime Blogger:

Start a blog nowadays is just not a passion only , lots of people now earning way better income than a regular job by doing full-time blogging. I have seen many of content writer those are doing content marketing for other website are now doing full time blogging and live there live happily. So if you are a person , who so well on content writing and people take your opinion as extraordinary then it’s good time to tell you that You are going to be Successful blogger soon.

4. Sell Your EBooks:

No matter in Which topic you are like to publish your e-books but there is huge income opportunity if you have out of box thinking to impress people attention. You can publish eBooks on many things like Software Tutorial , Storybooks , Adventured books, travel stories or other and put them on sell to Google books or other bloggers website. You can’t believe that you would be manage to earn up to $ 100-200 per day from your books sells.

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5. Social Media Consultancy:

A website SEO factor depends on a lot on SMO (Social media optimisation) there is good demand of Social Media Consultancy , here you have to create awesome post and publish them on social media , as soon as people get interested in your post on Facebook or twitter the website owner will rank higher and you will be getting for your effort.

get paid to write online

6. Write for Newspaper and Magazine:

get paid to write online for Newspaper and Magazine, you can contact such Magazine website and earn up to $ 200-500 on the base of your article , but it would not be so easy , you have to maximize your focus and have to build such level of writing that blow people mind. Also, its take a lot of time to do back research and for collecting data for your articles.

7. Off page SEO- Article Submission:

You will be get paid Rs-200-500 for each article submitted on article submission directory. You can contact SEO agency and they will give you website list , category and you have created copyright free subjective article between 300-700 word and publish then into article submission website.

8. Hubpages:

We have already told a lot about Hubpages review that expanding all the secret to earn money from your freelancing writing. You can easily start earning $50-$500 per month as hubpages writer by monitories your article with Google AdSense. Here the ultimate guide for you.

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9. Write Erotic story/Start Erotic website with affiliate:

There is huge demand of Erotic story online. You can start a free blog or simply get paid to write online. You can write erotic magazine also and for better earning you can write on India’s deferent regional language.

Bottom line: So here are the 9 popular ways to get paid to write online. Hope you guys enjoy reading this ! Now it’s your turn to let me know which of the way you want to get started. Also do comment your share , experience, and feedback to improve my blog also encourage me to introduce more article on making money online idea. Stay tuned!

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