Amazon Mechanical turk! mturk Review and user experience – Its Awesome !

Looking for outsourcing business , Why not Amazon mechanical Turk! The biggest way to mange online work and earn revenue from your man power.  Today we are going to discuss everything about Amazon mechanical Turk and how India business owner can get started your own scam free online outsourcing and insourcing business opportunity into their city. So let get started-

What is Amazon mechanical Turk?

It is a provider of list of Human Intelligence Tasks that the user can choose to work and also get paid for his completed tasks. It identifies these kinds of tasks and lists them in its software and enables users to select these works and gives them job opportunities.

Tips for better using Amazon mechanical Turk?

  • If you are a requestor (who can be a company or an individual) then you can submit you tasks directly to Amazon mechanical Turk which provides software assistance (that is Requestor website) for submitting the task, the requestor can then track the status of his/her tasks using this software.
  • If you are a worker (which is the user who chooses the tasks and does the work) then you can use Amazon Mechanical Turk website to find your task from the list of tasks provided and can select the task as assignment.
  • The requestor can also provide details regarding the number of workers that can be assigned for the particular task and the software manages the task accordingly and assigns only unique task for each workers.
  • Managing the assignments: When the user accepts to do a task, the mturk software then creates an assignment for his/her task and tracks the progress of the work. Each assignment is unique to a particular worker and enables the user to work on the task and submit it and also enables him/her to become eligible for the reward until the assignment is active.
  • The requester is eligible to make the following changes to his HITs
    • He\she can extend the time required for the completion of the HITs.
    • Some of the details in the HITs can be modified.
    • Additions assignments can be provided to the workers on successful completion of the tasks.
    • HITs can be blocked for workers who are not capable of doing the task/ meeting the requirements

Amazon Mechanical turk

Is mturk a good way to earn money online?

  • Yes, it can be thought so. The standard methods followed by mturk for tracking the overall status of the tasks brings confidence in both the requestor (who feels more confident of his/her task getting completed in an efficient way) and the worker (who also can feel confident of completing the task and getting the payment) creates good working environment and good way for earning money.
  • Since there is a large variety of different HIT (Human Intelligence Tasks) available in the mturk, the worker has lot of options for choosing the tasks that he/she likes to do, and so this can attract large variety of people to take up different tasks and provides a good and easy way for them to earn money.

What is HIT?

HIT refers to the Human Intelligence Tasks that can be done by humans rather than by computers. There are many tasks that can be done more efficiently by humans only and not by computers e.g. Reading a document and translating it into many other languages, identifying specific objects in the images, Developing a software for some specific needs etc. This HIT can be updated in the mturk software by the Requestor and it can be then assigned to the workers for completion of the tasks and getting the payments.

How do I Complete HIT?

Following are the procedure for completing the HIT.

  • The requestor has to provide details of the HIT in the mturk.
  • Once the requester publishes the HIT on the Amazon Mechanical Turk. It will be available to the workers for viewing and they can select the tasks to work.
  • The selected HIT is provided as assignments to the workers and they have to complete their tasks in the specified time.
  • The requester can track all their respective HITs using the following Requester website
  • The software provides options for the workers to submit their HITs.
  • The requester can then view the completed assignments of the workers; he/she can then provide the results to the workers regarding the acceptance or rejection of the work. Once the work is accepted the requester agrees to pay the worker for the completed task.

How to Receive money from amazon mechanical turk?

  • After the requester accepts the HIT, the mturk automatically transfers the earnings on to the workers balance account which is displayed on the Dashboard and Earnings page under the Account tab. For new workers who have submitted their first task, the payment can be delayed by 10 days. This holding happens for security reasons.
  • For US workers, the payments are transferred to their Amazon Payments account or into an gift card. The workers can transfer the payments to their bank account from this Amazon Payments account.
  • For India workers the payments can be directly deposited as Indian Rs into your bank account or your earnings can be can transferred to gift card.
  • Method for transferring the payment into your Bank account: If you go to you earnings page, you’ll be able to see your balance amount that can be transferred. You must enter the amount that you want to transfer and press continue then follow the steps provided in the page to transfer the amount to your bank account. If you are transferring the amount for the first time then you’ll be asked to provide your bank account details.

Can I get Bonus payment from Amazon mechanical Turk?

The workers can also get Bonus payment if the Requestor accepts for providing this payment. Usually, the workers who have done some especially good task can expect this kind of Bonus payment.

Tips for Indian people to get paid faster from mturk?

Since the payment for Indian workers can be directly deposited in their Bank account as Indian Rs.

  • They will have to provide their Date of Birth and scanned copy of their Personal Account Number (PAN) in order to become eligible for payment. It will take up to 7 days to verify these information provided by them.
  • Once this is done, they will need to provide their Bank account details for verification and after this verification is complete; the amount can be disbursed into the workers Bank account.

I got rejected in mturk! What to do next?

You task may be rejected due to the following reasons

  • If the requester believes that the task done by you is wrong/ not correct.
  • If you have not followed the Rules/ Instructions mentioned for your task.

If you believe that there exists some error with the requester or some kind of miss understanding has happened, then you can contact the requester directly

  • You have to go workers website and search for the Requester’s name from the HITs.
  • You can also click on the title of your HIT question and on the right hand side you can see “Contact the Requester of this HIT” and on clicking this you can contact the requester. You need to mention your name and e-mail address in this HIT along with your message and the requester can reply for your message using your details.

How to join in mturk?

Use this link “” to sign In to the worker section in the right hand corner. You’ll be asked to enter your name, email address, and password. After agreeing to the “Mechanical Turk Participation Agreement” you have to provide your country details. After the submission of the account, the Customer care team will review this account and it will be made active once the team approves it.

Mturk tips and Tricks!

  • As a worker, if you have successfully completed one task then it’s better to choose similar HITs in the website because the chance of successful completion of the new task is high.
  • There are options for the user to specify his/her qualifications in the website and get their unique tasks related to their expertise and so the software creates good flexibility in choosing the specific job that is suitable for the user.
  • If you are a developer, then Mturk provides SDK’s for workers who can be a developer or software script writer. It enables the user to compile and test the software created by him/her and provides test results and thus creates a user friendly environment.
    • The tasks can to be tested and published using Amazon Mechanical Turk Developer Sandbox. This environment allows you to view your HITs and the workers who has to do the task also can view these HIT in similar way. For complete details on how to place the HITs in the mturk sandbox. Follow this link

Best Tool for amazon mechanical turk! : Below is the tool

Is amazon mechanical turk will be the future of online jobs?

Unlike many other job opportunities available in the internet mturk provides an easy way for both the Requestor as well as the Worker for an easy and efficient way of resolving the tasks. Since the overall status of the tasks can be tracked at all times using the mturk software, this method creates more opportunity for genuine payments for the workers and thus increases their chances of earning good money in a nice way. The requesters also get benefited by getting their task completed in an efficient way. So mturk can be thought as the future for the online jobs.

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