V-Guard Industries Ltd. Share Price forecast of Intraday, Swing Trade & Long Term Investment

BSE:532953 NSE:VGUARD ISIN:INE951I01027 SECTOR: Electric Equipment Manufacturers

V-Guard Industries Ltd is India base Electric equipment manufacturers company founded on 1977. Its has large market in Kerala. V-Guard Industries is founded by Kochouseph Chittilappilly. This company delating with consumer goods products such as Voltage Stabilizer, inverter, Solar Power system, Water Pump etc.

V-Guard Industries Ltd IPO, QIP & Offer for Sells:

V-Guard Industries Ltd’s First IPO was initiate on Feb 18, 2008. 26,60,000 equity shares were put on sale during the IPO with a price band of Rs 82 per equity share.

Fact About V-Guard Industries Ltd!


  • Its a Debt Free Company.
  • Good Future Proof Earning Potential.


  • Covid-19 Caused sales down.

V-Guard Industries Ltd Overview:

Stock Symbol in NSEStock Symbol in BSECurrent PriceMarket Cap. (Cr)P/E RatioCurrent EPS
NSE:TCSBSE: 532953₹3,776.35₹1,396,879.74₹37.09₹101.75
52 Week High52 Week LowDay OpenDay HighDay LowVolumes
Current Price Fall From 52W high How Near from 52Week Low?Today ChangesTCS Industries Outstanding SharesFace valuelast Traded Time
6.60%23.74%5.003,752,384,512.00₹1.001/25/2022 10:25:49

Sector Performance and Peer Comparison with Sector Analysis:

Stock SymbolCompnay NameMarket Cap. [Cr.]Current Price52 Week High52 Week LowP/E RatioEPSDown 52W HighDay Low
NSE:SIEMENSSiemens Ltd80,114.582,249.652,576.851,565.0076.3629.4812.70%2176.25
NSE:HAVELLSHavells India Ltd73,097.191,166.801,504.45958.0063.6418.3322.44%1135.05
NSE:ABBABB India Ltd51,099.572,411.402,468.101,298.55131.4918.352.30%2360.1
NSE:CGPOWERCG Power and Industrial Solutions Ltd23,995.20177.35208.9037.7510.4816.9415.10%168
NSE:BHELBharat Heavy Electricals Limited20,091.5057.7080.3535.10#N/A-5.0128.19%56.3
NSE:VGUARDV Guard Industries Ltd9,246.27214.35285.00210.7040.225.3324.79%210.7
NSE:SUZLONSuzlon Energy Ltd9,734.8210.7013.104.40#N/A-0.2518.32%10.55
NSE:TRITURBINETriveni Turbine Ltd6,577.68203.25229.1082.7526.077.811.28%174.05
NSE:KALPATPOWRKalpataru Power Transmission Limited5,698.76382.30496.00309.158.8543.2422.92%375.05

V-Guard Industries Ltd Balance Sheets & Profit & Loss Account.

YearMar 2009Mar 2010Mar 2011Mar 2012Mar 2013Mar 2014Mar 2015Mar 2016Mar 2017Mar 2018Mar 2019Mar 2020
Net Profit5,2567,0019,06810,41313,91719,16419,85224,27026,28925,82631,47232,340
EPS in Rs12.8116.1521.9724.4933.6546.8143.9557.8262.1967.683.9386.24
Dividend Payout %43%35%24%21%17%19%19%19%21%22%21%21%
Grouth Rates33.20%29.52%14.83%33.65%37.70%3.59%22.25%8.32%-1.76%21.86%2.76%
Avearge Grouth Rates31.36%25.85%27.80%29.78%25.42%24.96%22.88%20.15%20.32%18.72%

Share Price and EPS Forecast Based on Current Average Growth Rates:

ForecastNext 5 Year (CG)Next 10 Year (CG)Next 20 Year (CG)
Expected Net Proft₹76,274.33₹179,894.03₹1,000,676.03
Expected EPS₹203.40₹479.72₹2,668.47
Share Price Forecast (20 PE)₹4,067.96₹9,594.35₹53,369.39
Share Price Forecast (25 PE)₹5,084.96₹11,992.94₹66,711.74
Share Price Forecast (30 PE)₹6,101.95₹14,391.52₹80,054.08
Share Price Forecast (35 PE)₹7,118.94₹16,790.11₹93,396.43

Share Price and EPS Forecast Based on Current Average Growth Rates Plus 5%:

ForecastNext 5 Year (CG+5%)Next 10 Year (CG+10%)Next 20 Year (CG+20%)
Expected Net Proft₹93,747.08₹271,753.70₹2,283,551.99
Expected EPS₹249.99₹724.68₹6,089.47
Share Price Forecast (20 PE)₹4,999.84₹14,493.53₹121,789.44
Share Price Forecast (25 PE)₹6,249.81₹18,116.91₹152,236.80
Share Price Forecast (30 PE)₹7,499.77₹21,740.30₹182,684.16
Share Price Forecast (35 PE)₹8,749.73₹25,363.68₹213,131.52

Share Price and EPS Forecast Based on Current Average Growth Rates Minus 5%:

ForecastNext 20 Year (CG-20%)Next 10 Year (CG-10%)Next 5 Year (CG-5%)
Expected Net Proft₹423,210.16₹116,989.81₹61,509.76
Expected EPS₹1,128.56₹311.97₹164.03
Share Price Forecast (20 PE)₹22,571.21₹6,239.46₹3,280.52
Share Price Forecast (25 PE)₹28,214.01₹7,799.32₹4,100.65
Share Price Forecast (30 PE)₹33,856.81₹9,359.19₹4,920.78
Share Price Forecast (35 PE)₹39,499.62₹10,919.05₹5,740.91

V-Guard Industries Ltd Technical Analysis:

Today Intraday Price Target:

LevelsV-Guard Share Price IntradayTarget Today [Short Selling]V-Guard Share Price IntradayTarget Today [Long Buying]

Weekly Swing Trading Price Target:

V-Guard Long Term Investment TagetsPriceQnt.Ratio
Lot-1₹2,830.1020 [1X]
Lot-2₹2,627.9540 [2X]
Lot-3₹2,425.8080 [4X]
Lot-4₹2,223.65180 [8X]

Fundamental Analysis of V-Guard Industries Ltd:

V-Guard Industries Share Long Term Investment Price Target:

Demand And Supply ZoneSupport LevelsSupport PriceResistance LevelsResistance Price

Where we can See V-Guard Industries in Next 5 Year, 10 Year & 20 Year?

Products/Projects of V-Guard Industries.

  1. Voltage stabilizers
  2. Inverter, dups, solar power systems & inverter batteries
  3. Electric, solar & heat pump water heaters
  4. Fans
  5. Pumps
  6. Wires & cables
  7. Domestic switch gears
  8. Air coolers
  9. Ups
  10. Kitchen appliances
  11. Modular switches etc