Online Article Copy Paste Jobs (FREE REGISTRATION) Daily Rs-850.00 Payments

Online Article Copy Paste Jobs: Have you ever thought how millions of articles are spread on the internet? How blogger earn money by spading same content again and again in a deferent way? This is nothing but with the help of Online Article Copy Paste Jobs.

Take an example, PM Narendra Modi to visit Russia and do a meeting with Vladimir Putin. The same news is published almost 1000+ news blog, YouTube channel and other feed with the deferent presentation. But the core news is same.

So how they do this? Well few of them are written by the worldwide awesome blogger with their thought, and few of them are computer generated Online Article Copy Paste Jobs.

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So what is Online Article Copy Paste Jobs?

Here you will be provided few article and you have used article spinner websites to rewrite those article again with a new presentation.

Next, also you will be provided free article submission websites to submit those article as per given instruction. No more deal except copy and paste jobs.

That’s it, now you will be getting paid for your Online Article Copy Paste Jobs.

Note: To make this work simple and easy we called it as an Online Article Copy Paste Job but the reality is you are doing the type of off page SEO work.

Online Article Copy Paste Jobs Plans:

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let’s See and Demo work of Online Article Copy Paste Jobs:

How to start Online Article Copy Paste Job without interments registration fees?

There are many companies on the internet are now offering free Online Article Copy Paste Jobs. You can look for quikr advertisement and start doing this job.

Also, you can start these jobs from taking projects directly from webmaster around your city, or any other SEO company nearby you.

Lots of SEO company nowadays hiring for the same work into their office. So if you don’t have any computer at your home why not get part time jobs in that SEO Company and start making money as Online Article Copy Paste workers.

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Online Article Copy Paste Jobs (FREE) Daily 850.0 Payments

Earning potential and ravine sources in Online Article Copy Paste Job:

There is two type of earning ration for you-

  1. Only article spinning: Rs-2/ per copy of Article spinner.
  2. Article spinner and submission: Rs-15/ per complete submission.

But how does the company earning money? Let’s say you have a website and your article is published on thousand of the website. Directly you will earn nothing from this type of Online Article Copy Paste Job, but indirectly you will earn a lot of page views into your website, a lot of subscribers, a lot of sales and great page rank on search engine.

This the revenue source of Online Article Copy Paste Jobs.

Is it legal?

Let’s see this two article- A. Original B. Article Spinner copy.

A. Original:


Online Article Copy Paste Jobs sample page 2

B. Article Spinner copy:

The second copy may pass the plagiarism test but Google does not allow such Article Spinner. Google Always advice to published quality article for websites.

Some of the webmasters follow this in instruction and some are not. But as a third-party worker, you don’t have to worry about this. Maybe Article Spinner is bad practice but if you get your payment on time it’s don’t harm you. If any penalizing processed to their websites then it would be their business.

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