OnlineCaptcha Typing Jobs in India – DAILY PayPal Payment without Investment

10 Captcha Typing Jobs in India without any investment.type captcha and earn money. Get PayPal payment daily. Easy typing work with 100% Genuine paying.

Captcha typing jobs are one of the easiest typing jobs for micro job lover. It’s not technical internet jobs where you will be paid for solving the online captcha. captcha typing jobs are merely people in India and the USA for free registration fees. Most of the online typing jobs in India are paid and the possibility of getting paid is less than 10%. So if you are looking for typing jobs online from home for free then defiantly captcha typing jobs will be for you.

So, What is captcha typing jobs?

Let me tell you what is captcha? Have you ever see any captcha code while filling any form online or creating free Gmail account in Google? So indoor to make Internet spam free webmaster owner use captcha challenge to determined you are human or a bot. So there are lots of websites who are dealing with captcha projects and you can sign up for a free account there and get paid for typing captcha.

FREE Captcha Typing Jobs in India Daily PayPal Payment

How much can you earn with online captcha typing jobs in India?

For sure captcha typing jobs are genuine online jobs without investment but the payment is no so satisfying, a person with 30 ATP (Average typing speed) can earn up to 10,000($150) in a month. As captcha typing work is micro jobs so it’s would be better you consider it as a part-time freelance work.

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How to start captcha typing work?

The captcha pronunciation itself said that you have to solve the captcha to make money. As soon as you sign up for captcha typing jobs you will be given random captcha to resolve. You work will sit back and quickly resolve all given captcha into your computer screen. Now click on submit button and here you were done. So easy isn’t it?

List of Top 10 high paying captcha work that pays daily:

And of course, your captcha data entry jobs earning depend on where you are working! From around 50 + online captcha solving jobs, I have shortlisted 10 high paying captcha work that pays daily. Are you a Mobile device user? Please use this link to get captcha work from a mobile device.

#1: All Money Tips legitimate Captcha Entry Jobs:

All Money tips which offer While Level Captcha entry jobs which involved in software development projects only.

All the payment will be made weekly based on your bank account through wire transfer.

Let see the Plan First-

  • Validity: 36 month
  • Min. captcha entry:500
  • Max. captcha entry:12000
  • Rates Per captcha Entry: Rs-3/-
  • MAX. Monthly earning: Rs- 36,000/- INR
  • Payment: Weekly
  • Minimum Payout: Rs-100/-
  • Service tax: 12.5%
  • Free Captcha Entry Software for Desktop: YES
  • Free Captcha Entry Software for Mobile: YES
  • Risk-Free Agreement: YES
  • Hidden Charges: NO

Lets Join!

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kolotibablo money earning service Earn money online while solving captchas

Kolotibablo No-1 recommendation for doing captcha work. You can sign up Kolotibablo from here and start your work. Kolotibablo is an international website where everyone from everywhere starts the work. Kolotibablo is very strict to bank people account if then found continue doing a mistake or using any Kolotibablo hack or software. So be careful about this and always work enthusiastically. You can earn $1 for every 1000 captcha typing and get paid on Payza or WebMoney.

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3. MegaTypers:

MegaTypers is another people FREE Captcha Typing Jobs in India and international member. You can earn up to $100-$250 doing captcha typing jobs in MegaTypers. MegaTypers need an invitations code for new member sign up. Here is megatypers invitation code for 2017. After sign up, an expert people can earn up to $1.5 on every 1000 Captcha solve. And new member can earn $ 0.45 on every 1000 Captcha solve. There few MegaTypers software available on the internet but I strongly recommended not to try them as they caused banned your account permanently.

4. CaptchaTypers:

CaptchaTypers is another online Captcha entry job provider company. Here you can get free login ID sending an email to [email protected]. There are few scammers who used to send you paid CaptchaTypers login ID with software and earning hack. CaptchaTypers give a legal alert about this into their websites. So never buy and CaptchaTypers login ID as it’s free to sign up. Comparing to other FREE Captcha Typing Jobs here you need a specific software installed into your computer. You can download CaptchaTypers authorized free Captcha Typing software from here. Payment: You can get paid $1.5 on every supper correct captcha entry by you. So be professional.


ProTypers is another Captcha typing website without investment. You can make $1-$1.5 on each 1000 captcha solved by you. ProTypers is free to join typing work and don’t offer any earning hack or software, so beware of scam and use the right method to work. You can sign up ProTypers using this link.

6. Captcha2Cash:

Captcha2Cash is an awesome free captcha typing jobs provider. It is the most people captcha entry websites in India. Here you can get paid $1 on every successful captcha solved by you can get paid directly to your Payza & Perfect money account. In order to work into Captcha2Cash, you need to download software which is free to download from your Captcha2Cash dashboard. So beware of scam and don’t pay any money online for getting Captcha2Cash login account or software. The best thing about Captcha2Cash is you have a lot of demo work, FAQ To read and understand the work properly. So if you need any help Captcha2Cash has their team to help you out.

7. 2Captcha:

2Captcha Start work 2captcha login

There is two way to earn money with 2Captcha

  1. By start a free 2Captcha account and earn up to $1 from each 1000 captcha entry. And get an instant bonus while you able to resolve to complicate Captcha.
  2. You can start your own Captcha typing jobs business at your home. In India, there is vast opportunity to earn money for captcha outsourcing. You use 2Captcha API, and by implementing it into your very own website you can earn money from captcha typed By your member.

2Captcha currently support API from the following client- Php, C+++, Python, Java, C#, and You start earning up to $1 on every 1000 captcha solved by you. To withdraw the earning amount you can use PayPal(Min-$5), Payza(Min-$1),  & WebMoney(Min-$0.5),.  Account


There so many Qlinkgroup review website are there who are asking money to get Login ID. Again beware of scam as you get free login id from Qlinkgroup websites from here. Working in Qlinkgroup captcha typing work truly needs Qlinkgroup authorized software. You can download this software for free from here. You can get your payment into your Payza(Min-$1),  & WebMoney(Min-$1) account. If Any account not used for 4 weeks will be removed Qlinkgroup will remove it. So be careful to sing up Qlinkgroup as much as possible to alive your account. Qlinkgroup is another people in India as you can switch to the Hindi language to work. Also is has 6 deferent languages to support.

9. VirtualBee:

VirtualBee is called “keysforcash”. It offers legitimate data entry jobs. In order to get work from VirtualBee, you have to get a freelance contract from their websites. Getting work on VirtualBee is little complicated, as soon as you have signed up you have to give a typing test which content Letters, Dollars and Numeric. Each test takes up to 2-3 minutes and to be honest you didn’t get work until you rich 100% typing score. Don’t worry your first attempt has a low score as you can try the typing test after 24 hours. So better luck for you. Payment:  VirtualBee pay you $0.20 per 1000 keystrokes to $0.80 per 1000 keystrokes.and they send your payment through cheque while you’re earning rich to $30.

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10. FastTypers:

Online Captcha Entry Typing Jobs in India

fasttypers captcha work is another best websites for online captcha projects, you can sign free from here and get paid into your Payza account. They are well known for their support. if you every faces any problem during your work you can raise a ticket into their website from here or search in the knowledgebase for simple resolve. Register a Free account on FastTypers now.

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No doubt PixProfit is another best legitimate data entry website but the sign up is closed currently. You can try to sign up after a while or subscriber as to receive all new update on all type of FREE Captcha Typing Jobs reviews.

Additional Tips:

12. Captchaclub:

Ita another fastest growing captcha typing jobs website online. Captchaclub offers 30X more payment comparing to other’s standard captcha entry work. but here you can’t work without paying any upfront payment as registration fees. Here are a captcha club reviews and payment proof that update you about captcha club. Hence unless you are professional don’t join captcha club. Stay tuned! Well, let me know which Captcha typing websites do you like most and which one you don’t like at all, share your reviews by commenting below. I will see you next time.

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