Online Jobs In India- How I Earn $4365.65 Work at home Doing Digital India Projects?

Unemployment is the biggest problem in India. So the Trend of getting Free Online jobs in India is tremendous.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you can outsource Europe country work in India through online? Actually, it’s possible and this is how I Earn $4365.65 by doing online jobs at home. So let’s get started revealing How to get Genuine Online jobs in India and earn thousands of dollar like a pro.

The requirement to Start Online Jobs in India?

First lets decided what you are actually going to do-

  1. Are you going to make a full-time income from doing online jobs in India?
  2. Are going taking Online Jobs as part-time income opportunity?
  3. Or making money online is only a passion for you?

Online jobs in india Online Jobs In India- How I Earn $4365.65 Work at home

No matter in which way you are looking for an online part time jobs in India, here are the getting started requirement for you-

  1. Make sure you have CBS Enable Bank account, It’s awesome if you have both AXIS Bank and ICICI bank account as few affiliate network like will pay you directly to the AXIS bank.
  2. Create an account in PayPal and Payoneer (for next level earning also create an account in- payza, Skrill, Neteller, pay too and tango card)
  3. Money makes money, so in order to earn money online, you may have to spend money online. So if possible, get a credit card. Sometimes if you are doing blogging online jobs in India then the credit card is strongly recommended to pay web hosting, domain and internet marketing bills.
  4. Your own computer, the first recommendation is a laptop as some of the online jobs like YouTube make you travel all over the Worlds.
  5. PAN Card or TAN Registration if you are running a farm in India.
  6. At list 2-6 hours of time (Remember hard work is the only way of success in online jobs)

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10 Online Jobs in India to Earn $4365.65 Work at home?

Though there is 100+ Work from Home Jobs IDEA, in order to make our article short and informative, we discuss only top 10 here. Hence, here is a free E-book that you download to gain access to all pro 100+ idea to make money online. Also, you can read India’s top 30+ High paying online jobs from here.

1. Become a blogger:

Online Jobs in India Become a blogger make money from blog

Yes, become a blogger. We always waste so much time on Facebook and YouTube video, so why not make a change and start blogging daily. (How to Start a blog?) there is thousands of way that can use to monetize your blog for money.

First of all choice your passion and niche (10 awesome blog niche for freshers jobs finder) now start investing your time to write at-list a daily one post into your blog. You can’t imagine a blog with 100+ post can get a 5000-page view on average and give $300-$400 earning in a month. If your blog able to do so who knows you may go to a future blog start. As soon as you start generating quality traffic into your blog you can make money using bellows monetization-

Inspire From Your Search: ISO Certified online jobs without investment-[Government Approved]

  1. Google AdSense.
  2. Affiliate Marketing.
  3. Amazon Associate.
  4. Paid Banner advertisement on your blog.
  5. Paid Content marketing and Guest Post.

Again no internet marketer can deny this that Earning from blogging is No-1 free online jobs from home without investment.

2. Affiliate Marketing & Amazon Associate:

Affiliate Marketing & Amazon Associate best online jobs in India

Affiliate Marketing is one of the online jobs in India that make you rich, there are so many online jobs in India to make money, but I think affiliate marketing is not for making money but for to be rich.

There is lots of affiliate marketing network in India that you can use-

  1. CJ affiliate
  2. Rakuten LinkShare
  3. Amazon associates etc.

For making money from affiliate marketing also need a blog, but this time you need a have a micro niche blog (What is Micro niche blog?) here you are getting an organic traffic from a targeted keyword.

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Thing you have a blog on Gadgets review and most of the traffic came from Google with search for “Xiaomi redmi note 4” and “top 10 phones under 15000” so a lot of money is waiting for a commission when you are putting affiliate link of Xiaomi redmi note 4 into your blog and other smartphones under 15000. This how you will make money by starting a micro niche blog through affiliate marketing.

So really a super cool way to do online work in India.

3. Paid Online Survey Websites:

PTC Website Earning of a India Online Jobs Seeker

Remember I talk about PayPal and Payoneer earlier? Paid Survey is one of the home based jobs in India that you can start in free.

First of all Sign up here.

Make sure you have active PayPal or Payoneer account to get payment, now you have plenty of earning an opportunity like online survey,  play game. All the task are easy to work and you can make up to $100 like me without investing any money.

Payment received to my India paypal account for doing online jobs in India

4. Ad Posting Jobs & Ad Posting Work Franchisee:

CYBER EXPO Pay there Member for Weekly payment ad posting jobs in India- Best free online jobs from home without investment online work in india

Unlike blogging and affiliate marketing you can make big money with ad posting jobs in India. But Online ad posting jobs is the most popular home based jobs in India and I have earned 165,000- See here. If you are looking for non-IT then ad posting jobs will be for you. You can earn money by posting simple ads into classified sites. And as per your daily posting, you will be paid up to Rs-7.00 per ad successful posting. So those students, housewife, and employee are looking for jobs in India! For them, ad posting jobs is a must try online work.

Let try ad posting jobs with investment daily payment using our free offer

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5. Content Writing Jobs:

Do you know I hate writing online! But still I manage to post 2 blog post every day, Writing good English is something good gifted and I guess you own it. So why not make money by writing content for the blog.

You can start free Online jobs in India become a paid content writer

  1. Manage your own blog and write an article for it.
  2. Hire as paid Guest posting work and paid per article.
  3. Post your article on Hubpages and earn money from India.
  4. Write for us and get paid Rs-700.00 on each article.

6. Earn from the Facebook page:

Facebook is way more people then everything you found online. So why not make this as an opportunity to make money online! Start a Facebook page engage people to like and subscribe. Make sure your channel is full of creative and people love to see your post.

Now, as soon as you have 5K-100K subscriber you are good to go to start online jobs in India without investment.

You can make money from your Facebook page following way-

Promote others blog content and get paid for it.

Promote YouTube video and paid for it.

Write for a motive and paid for it. (You can start a Political review page and start earning from it. But be honest to review it.)

7. Start YouTube Channel:

Youtube Earning of a India Youtuber who work in Online Jobs in India online part time jobs in india online part time jobs india online work from home jobs online work in india online work india

What I YouTube Channel? WTF! Are you afraid to go in front of camera right? You will change your mind how invocation and creative people making money from YouTube channel, See YouTube funfest 2017 and change your mind to start a YouTube channel.

You can earn $1 on each 1000 page view and even you can expect more if you have traffic from US and UK people. Let’s create a YouTube channel from here:

8. forex & stoked Trading:

Old but still gold. Start a forex trading business is a cool idea. It’s one of the Online jobs in India that everyone can do. Here you can buy and sell foreign currency like the dollar, UR with decent forex trading strategies and earn huge commission.

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On the other hand stock markets is also a good way to earn money, here you can buy company business share and earn a profit as soon as share goes up.

Online Jobs in Indian – 10 Safety tips to not getting scammed.

So which online jobs in India make you earn well? For our reader inspiration Why not share how much you have earned?

Let’s your friends know how India people can earn money from genuine online jobs by sharing on Facebook and Twitter.

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