Amazon Referral review: How to Refer & Earn ₹20,000 Per Month?

So you are using amazon often, right? Do you know amazon is now India’s biggest markets place for selling goods online! Especially on the electric product. I have been shopping amazon for last 1 year and make a lot of money while I shopping with a hidden program called amazon referral. You can find a link just below of your account and its look like as “Refer & Earn ₹200” back there when I start shopping on amazon I ignored this program and as soon as I start taking interest on it I have realized that amazon referral is a mind-blowing way to earn money online. So let’s get started to review this Refer & Earn ₹200 program and at the end of this post, I will guide you how to earn ₹ 20,000 per month by smartly refer 100 people here! Let get started.

What is Amazon Refer & Earn ₹200 program?

Amazon is now the biggest marketplace in India. Most of the people from PAN India like to shop online through such shopping website. So there is the biggest need of customer and compaction is running fluency. So introduce a Refer & Earn ₹200 program. It’s a win-win situation for those who a lot of contact between friends and family. If you have an existing amazon account then you can start to refer your friend/family by using this program and once someone responds to your call you will earn ₹200 as gift balance , the good news is your friend will not be disappointed at all becomes s/he also going to receive ₹100 as gift balance. So next time when you collaborating with your friend be sure to ask your friends and other about amazon if they don’t have any account yet or shop from someone else then you have a good chance to convince then to give a try amazon with ₹100 gift card bonus.

The best part of amazon referral is its design for amazing communication , let’s say you have thousands of friend email Id , you can use Refer via email option by clicking Refer & Earn ₹200 links. And type up to 5 email address(es) there! That’s ID amazon will send an awesome eye catching email invitation to your given email address and you are ready to earn ₹200 once they sign up.

Next , Let’s say You are a social media hero and you want to Share about amazon referral on Facebook and Twitter account , so easy just select Share on Facebook or Twitter and it will automatically post a cool post or tweet into your social account.

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Also, you can share amazon’s amazon referral any of the traffic websites or on your personal blog and its will help you to earn more gift balance into your amazon account.

amazon referral

Why should work in amazon referral program?

There is two way advantages of using amazon referral program , First of all if you don’t have much contact to refer people on amazon they just try it as part time work and surely you will receive at-list 1000-3000 gift balance , and the second advantages are you can use it as good way to earn passive income using your smartphone. In that case, you have to get in a touch of 10-100 people in every month get into a mind settled target of at-list refers 25-50 people every month to earn 10,000 gift balance from amazon.

How much can you earn with amazon referral?

You earning depend on your referral people , don’t make it seriously if you have poor online social communication and take is as big opportunity of earn Rs-10,000 gift balance on average if you are social hero or having a good Pensionable blog or lot of follower on twitter , also new YouTube can refer amazon to their viewers (subscriber) and earn passable earning every month.

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How to Earn mind-blowing commission from amazon referral?

You know what very few people around amazon user do know about this amazon referral program , sometimes people try and quit doing this so fast that they earn zero gift balance. So what is the perfect way to do this? Let me guide to the next level of affiliate marking that you does not know-

Step 1: Use this email collecting program from and save it to your Google drive it will extract all of your email address that you have to be contacted and create a list in excel , I hope you understand the next steps to send each of those email address a new invitation from amazon this will defiantly work for you to refer 100 people in every month.

Step 2: Be a out of box thinker , don’t post your amazon Refer & Earn ₹200 to the popular social page like RKVS instead create your own Facebook page and refer people as admin , the conversation rate will be more than 50% while your post as admin into your Facebook page , but if you comment on other Facebook page then the conversation rates will be less than an 1%.

Step 3: Do you blog? Yes then write an article about what people can do with online shopping website and lets your blog reader to join amazon from your Refer & Earn ₹200 program.

Step 4: Share your Refer & Earn ₹200 links to Google plus , email signature , classified sites and into your WhatsApp group. Also find all possible way to share and let people know about amazon shopping to achieve your target.

Step 5: Don’t do try too much! The Last lesson to Earn mind-blowing commission from amazon referral is never ever tried too much , take an example if you are share often about amazon into your Facebook page or wall then soon or later people irritated and stop following you. So don’t lose your audience as it’s more important than money.

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Few Common FAQ for new Amazon Refer & Earn ₹200 program user!

The transparency of using amazon referral is like crystal clear , still, if I able turn on your thinking to give the best try to this program then reading the term of service and most common FAQ will complete your tutorial of getting started.

Wait !  Don’t go!  let’s give me a chance to help you more. I guess you have few more doubt left into your mind so why not give me a chance to answer here by replying to your comment.

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