Shocking Truth of typing work from home in Delhi? Scam or Real!

We are truly in a globalized world when one does not have to leave their house to work with people from all over the world. Few year back people having good typing skill should be visit in an office typing job. Now with the help of internet and freelance mobility, you can do the same from your Home. Few days back we have published an article on online jobs in Delhi and How I Made 35,000 in 15 days? it is unfortunate that we don’t mention about any typing work from home in Delhi , we are truly apologize for that , so today we are going to discuss about shocking Truth of  typing work from home in Delhi , also we are going to cover how anyone can find Legitimate typing jobs in Delhi. So let get started-

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Typing jobs in Delhi – What job board website is try to hide from us?

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Recently I try to find the list of company name that has online typing jobs in Delhi, Guess what? I found the name of top 4 classified website/job board website on the top of the search result. (Ex-olx , quikr and but they are actually in a war to get to the top of search result by serving us unverified data. Let me clear it. You probably do not to know that now a days a few website are earning up to 1 Cr. By grabbing ton of traffic into their website. So they are targeting such a keyword like- “typing jobs in Delhi”, “typing work from home in Delhi” and so many similar like this. So In order to bit other competitor and getting top on the Google search they are posting thousands of jobs listing matching with targeted keyword with Search Engine Optimized. They are never verifying the Legitimate of any listing published into their website. The result is horrible, if you see consumer complaints website, you can find ton of complaints against fake typing jobs. On the other hand you might be seen some legal notice and safety tips on those classified site about online jobs scam and advice you to be careful while sending any money online or plan to get started any Typing Jobs from Home jobs on the internet, Unfortunately merely it has been seen by the people or sometime after losing the money in a fake job. So be careful and review again and again before start any typing jobs in Delhi. Here below are top classified websites list that carry the top position on such online jobs, let see how they did and how much legitimate online jobs they have into their bucket.

typing work from home in Delhi

Review of Quikr/olx typing work from home in Delhi:

After search for a week in Delhi Quikr I found two type of typing jobs are  available – Type A : Its back end typing jobs where you suppose to work from your home by visiting their office location. These types of typing jobs are safe and no need to pay any registrations fees. Also you have reliability for you monthly salary. Type B: But few of the ads are there of type has online typing work from home in Delhi. You have to pay registration fees for such jobs and most of the time statistic is showing that such jobs are scam. You might believe such ads as it published in India’s most popular classified website. But as we already told there is no legal verification of ads are made by quikr or olx team for ad publisher business Legitimate System.

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Review of typing work from home in Delhi:

Another popular job board website is now offering typing work from home in Delhi. But unlike Olx and Quikr this website also never verify about the Legitimate System of any online typing jobs. People very often searching for Jobs in New Delhi India, and get register through as this are website are display on the top of Google search. So next time is careful while you are registering or search any online jobs over

Review of typing work from home in Delhi:

Who does not know about, the famous jobs listing website from India. But as it’s so much competition is going to get listed on the top of Google search result, also published ton of unverified ads about typing jobs and other work at home jobs. So be careful one again.

All right could Please tell me where to find legitimate typing work from home in Delhi?

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The Best way to get rid of scam typing job is to find back office jobs with fixed salary. Yes we understand sometime you are not so lucky to get so, or you have credibility to work from you home. So here are few golden tricks that help you to find only the legitimate typing jobs in Delhi

  1. Check Demo Jobs are asked them in which criteria they are going to pay you. Most of the time scammer use to provide some stupid work like eBook typing or old books republishing. These are the unrealistic work of data entry jobs.  Always sign up for legal Gov. Work project or typing job in Gov. Survey jobs.
  2. Next, Check Company ISO Certificate and Legal document and most importantly check the domain age. Scammer hate old website as people keep complaining against them. So never ever join any website age of just 3 -6 month old.
  3. Get contacted for payment assurance or bank payment guaranteed in order to avoid scam.

So if you are rocking Delhi guys let me know how you guys rock with typing jobs. Which company do you perfect to join? Do Comment below! I will be with you!

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