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Few week back we have discuss about how to start SMS sending jobs without investment with daily payment, many people now get benefit by starting SMS sending jobs from mobile. Their article quite linked to our week back article and helps you to find common Do’s and Don’ts while doing SMS Job at Home. You probably disagree to know that almost 80% India people who sign up for SMS sending job are quite just because they are not guided properly. So let get start to teach you about SMS Job at Home Discussion and Training.

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  • Validity: 60 months. (5 Years) 💡
  • Payment Mode: Daily Bank Transfer & Paytm payment.
  • Daily Work Time: 1-3 hours.

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SMS Job at Home training: Why and t to whom it may address!

We already talk about the 80% people who sign up for SMS sending jobs (I mean to say genuine SMS sending jobs) and want to quite or already quite this part time jobs just because of lack of training and proper guide to get started properly.

Who does not like to give tips but effect tips always bring some happiness to someone life, so today we expecting some happiness into your life-

10 Golden Tips for Get Paid Maximum in SMS Job at Home:

  1. Make sure that you are sing up in a real SMS sending jobs company.
  2. Understand the business strategy whether is MLM Base SMS Business Company or Affiliate base SMS Job Company.
  3. Choice a Post-paid Package to save money while sending free SMS from your phone (MRP-70 Package with 3000 SMS will be good choice for Vodafone customer). If you have PC for SMS Job at Home you can sign up for Way2SMS free account or to send free SMS. Now you probably know you can send bulk or group SMS to the limited number of people or unable to send SMS before 09:00 am, in order to get off this problem you can use both phone SMS and Internet too. Make sure to create multiple Free SMS account and let it know your SMS sending jobs company that you are using multiple phone number to send free SMS. Hope they don’t mind.
  4. Never send more than 3 SMS content Same SMS add, the person probable not interested into your proposal or not willing to buy something right now.
  5. Send more SMS from 1st of money to 20th day of the money. Most of the salaries people love to spend money on that period of time.  Hence you can send message on the rest of day but make your SMS budges limited as sales are goes down as per marketing review.

SMS Job at Home

Common dos and Don’ts in SMS Job at Home:

  1. Do’s: always send M2M (man to Man) SMS and never missed to someone to send SMS listed into marketing target.
  2. Don’t: Never send more than 3 SMS content same SMS add to someone.
  3. Do’s: Remove those contact number are not generating any sales for long period of time (at-most 6 month)
  4. Don’t: Don’t send too many SMS in DND Register number. You can check a number whether is register with DND or not from here!
  5. Do: The number are generating lead for you make as VIP number list and send then only one offer in a week. It’s better to goes for long time sales plan, sending too many SMS may block your number or down your reputation rates.
  6. Do’s: Send SMS from 09:30am – 06:30pm, its may avoid disturbances.


This are the most common mistake that you probably continue doing still before reading this article , hence hope now you know how to improve sales rate and how be more successful on SMS Job at Home , let me know you have any more tips that I missed to share , also thumbs up if you like this article.

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