Step by Step Guide for Registration in AMT Free Online Jobs without Investment in India

If you are looking for Online Jobs without investment in India, you probably know how difficult it can be to:

  • Finding a Genuine Online Job without paying the registration fees is painful.
  • Getting work and payment without delay!
  • Standard support from customer care.

Well, AMT (All money tips) came with the ultimate solution for work from the job seeker.
Now you can get up to 22+ Free Online Jobs without paying even a single rupee.

What is AMT Online Jobs?

Online Jobs for students without investment

AMT is sponsor by CYBER EXPO Online Jobs. There is two reason behind this website-

1. Solving the unemployment problem by proving more than 22+ Free part time online jobs without investment.

2. Make India scam free. Since we offer online jobs without registration fees, so we believe its help India people to avoid all scam jobs provider those are asking high registration fees.

How to Registered in AMT Online Jobs Without Investment (Step by Step Guide)

Came back to the main topic, So, How to Registered in AMT-Free Online without Investment?

Note: if you are new and not yet check our available Jobs and there plans please click here.

1. Fill out an Application form:

The very first process is to apply to any of work from home jobs from here.

We have 22+ Free Online Jobs which are the most famous part-time internet jobs in India.

Let’s Fill an Application from From here

2. Projects Code:

Once you start filling out an application form for the online job,s you supposed to add a project code. On the top of your application form, you can get all projects code as per your city.

Since we are outsourcing work all over India over BPO office. So the reason of projects code is to help you get work from your nearby Franchisee office or BPO office.

So, Add projects code as your city.

3. Complete your Application process:

Once you complete the online application process, you supposed to open your email, now you have only two steps left to complete the registration process.

Step-1: Click on Verify your Email Address for confirmation.

Step-2: Click on SMC and give your 5 minutes to Social Media Verification.

In short, Complete verification task from your Email Inbox.

4. Get your Self Care Member area login ID and Password:

once you complete your Email, Social Media verification task, within 24 hours,s we will send your member area login ID and Password. For your information, we manage all our Free online jobs projects from CYBER EXPO Self care member area.

After Receive your login ID and Password, Go to Self-care member area.

5. Reset your Password:

Since privacy is very important to us, so we hide your password into your email, to retrieve your password you have to visit CYBER EXPO Self care member area, and by clicking forget the password, Now you can generate a new password.

Generate your new password after 24 hours. Here is a Guide

6. Login and Complete the Training:

Once you Loin you can see there are 5-10 Online part time jobs is already active for you.

You can work on multiple projects, so using your free time you can work as much as you need.

Click on each part time online jobs tab and there will training, trail work and main projects download links.

So, Complete the training and try to work on trail work.

7. Download Main Assignment:

Once you complete training and trail work review, you have to download Main Assignment Files.

8. Complete Your Work and Submit report:

Once you complete the work, you have to submit a report. All the instruction will be there.

9. Get Paid as per your payment mode:

Once you’re finished your work, you will get paid as per your payment mode. Currently, we have three type of payment mode – Daily Work daily payment, weekly work weekly payment, and monthly work monthly payment.

That’s it. 

If you have any problem regarding AMT par time jobs, you can go to the help center for resolve.

Is there any hidden Charge in AMT’s Free Registration Plan?
How much can you earn with AMT Online Jobs?

Is AMT Online Jobs is government Approved?

Where from AMT Outsource Projects for Online Work?

Online Typing Jobs outsourcing:

Getting online data entry jobs without investment is very difficult compared to the scam markets. So all out typing job has been outsourced from Upwork,, and government approved projects only.

Some of the projects come with bank guarantee so there is no delay or payment issue for our members.

Ad Posting Job outsourcing:

we use Google ad posting jobs for our ad posting work projects. Google ad posting jobs are one of the best-classified advertisement business for India. We average payment is Rs-5-10.00 INR which got a great review from our registered members.

Since there is no government organization to outsource ad posting jobs without investment, so we have to depend on google ad posting jobs.

Form Filling Jobs outsourcing:

Investment and registration fees are two big sign of scam form filling jobs. Though, there is a dozen Genuine form filling jobs in India where you can get projects by paying upfront payment, Sti, all we don’t recommend this type of work.

So, as a solution, we are using bank and government approved projects for our members feeds.

Copy Paste Jobs outsourcing:

Seriously, Getting a genuine home based copy paste jobs without investment is painful to achieve. Sometimes we got excel to work converter jobs from home without investment but the payment was so small.

In order to make our member earn money, we have to use shorted projects that achieve the quality.

So, as result, you can see we have a very limited number of copy paste jobs only for students and housewife.

SMS Sending Jobs outsourcing:

We use Chamcash network marketing and other online UPI payment apps promotion for SMS Sending jobs. Since we don’t have any government approved SMS Jobs, so we recommend only students to work on this jobs.

Online Survey Jobs outsourcing:, OpinionWorld, Toluna, OpinioNetwork, CINT, SaySoForGood, YourSurveys are the top survey jobs provider for our member are. This is the best worldwide survey network.

Data Entry Jobs outsourcing:

There are a few data entry jobs without registration are still paying the good payment in India. Most of them re ebook converting and Scan to PFD making jobs. Since its ideal for part time data entry jobs, so we use both MS Word Typing projects and ebook converting projects for the full-time member.

Shall I able to work Full time for years?

CYBER EXPO and AMT are the #1 online jobs without investment from home for students in 2016,2017 & 2018. We don’t have any particular.  jobs for the full-time job seeker, but as a substitute, you can work on multiple projects to work as full-time online jobs.

Required Skills for Doing AMT Online Jobs without investment in India?

Typing skills, proofreading skills, computer, internet, Excel conversation, PDF conversation, are the basic skill required for doing Jobs without investment daily payment in AMT.