Online Jobs For Students that Pay $500/month[Apply Graduate]

We have Online Jobs for Students -College, Online Jobs for BBA/MBA Students, Online Jobs for 12th Pass Online jobs for 16 year olds (Teens)- Apply Graduate.

Do you know 50 lakh of graduates are jobless in India? In a one hand getting a govt. jobs are like mass and on the other hand getting listed in corporate jobs is like participating in dirty tricks of big fat manager, So overall Unemployment in India is a big problem, so here today we will guide you how to overcome from Unemployment and get an Online Jobs For Students. Here you can work at your home and earn $500/month that kill the feeling of  Unemployment, Interested? Let’s get started-

A. Online Jobs For Students :(Graduate & College Guys)

1. Blogging:

A student makes himself stand along with blogging, (What is a blog?) We understand blogging is time consuming but spending few word with passion will make you a way to earn extra money. Hence if weekly blogging is not possible to post an article in a month and sees the result after 3 years of your study. Moreover, I recommend blogging as No-1 online jobs for students.

And again blogging is complete without investment, so you can start a free blogger account or word press account and start earning money from Google AdSense or affiliate marketing

Read How to Make money from your blog.

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2. YouTube:

Do you have DSLR? Nope! might be you friend has one! So why not start a free YouTube Channel while you are in college and start awesome fun to make a film and upload it regularly. That’s it YouTube will pay you regularly. Here are the some YouTube Channel that can help college students to be motivated-

RealSHIT , Funk You , Dhruv Tech [thetechnicalstar] etc

3. Amazon Associate:

up to 10,000 of the seller are selling their goods on amazon, they need a solid marketing for their product promotion. So you smell a huge amount of commission by referring and promoting amazon goods becoming a trusted Amazon Associate. This is very simple, Create an account on Amazon Associate now choice your products and get started posting in a group into the blog, Facebook page, or other social media sites. Here are the few example that helps you understand the whole procedure-

Interested! Read More here:

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4. Paid survey jobs:

I have been working in paid survey jobs for last 1 year and trust me I have been earning hundreds of dollar without doing nothing. College life is a one time while you have a lot of friend and internet connection, by right used them you can refer a lot of friend in survey jobs and an earn good income, Don’t disappointed if you can’t refer anyone as there is still way to earn money with survey jobs.

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B. Online Jobs for BBA/MBA Students:

1. Affiliate marketing:

There is a vast number of possibility of making money from affiliate marketing, you can choice your niche and start writing a personable blog on it. Now just simple including few affiliate banner and back licking your referral id you will get a hug commission of 5%-50% on per sells. Only you just need a blog and a PayPal or Payoneer account to get things done.

2. Become an Amazon/eBay Seller:

Become an Amazon/eBay Seller is best online jobs for college students at home. Only you need to be a trusted & Verify seller on this two shopping websites and now start selling your products online.

Read This Guide: I am a Business Man, How can I start selling my product on Amazon India?

3. Earn from Alibaba:

This the next level of an MBA Students, if you think you will going to put the online shopping business to the next level as a good marketing students you should start buy chip team from , here you can find unlimited number of products and once you purchase in large number of quantity you will be Alibaba to resell them on amazon and eBay with hug profile.

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C. Online jobs for 16 year olds: (Teens)

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Note: there are no such part time job openings for Teens in India, hence if you still interested in earning some extra cash why not try this genuine online jobs without investment, Let’s begin…

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1. Swagbucks:

swagbucks one of money saver and extra earning the opportunity for Teens. You can earn money while shopping online, by participating in paid survey, earning reward point –gift card or getting cash back from PayPal. Here an complete guide on How to make money from Swagbucks.

2. SameSpeak:

if your first language is English then SameSpeak has tutoring jobs for high school students. You can earn money while you are Teens from SameSpeak part time tutoring jobs.

3. Sell your old school book:

Sell your old school book on olx or quikr and earn an extra money that helps you to buy at-list and old phone while you are Teens.

4. Write Online Article-hubpages:

hubpage is a one the best article sharing website while you can earn money by published your article, create a free account on hubpage and start writing an awesome article as per your niche and interest. That’s its now using Google AdSense monitorization you will be get paid as soon as you riche $100. In short, if you have good imaginative power in writing then it does not take more time to earn regular $250 for your pocket money.

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Amazon Mechanical turk! mturk Review and user experience- Its Awesome!

6. Tutoring jobs for high school students:

You can look for Tutoring jobs online or get hire to your neighborhood, while I am Teens I used to manage my pocket money from Tutoring jobs into my neighborhood.

D. Online Jobs for 12th Pass Students:

So you Just completing 12th and need for money right? Here are some entry level online jobs from home that you do right away-

1. Ad Posting Jobs:

CYBER EXPO is one of the best online ad posting jobs provider in India , here you will be given free classified sites list (How to Earn 1Million by starting a classified website like olx/Quikr?) and ad matter , now you have to post those ads one by one into deferent type of classified site and you will pay daily to your register bank account. Join or take a demo from here.

2. Data Entry Jobs:

Genuine data entry jobs are one of the easy online jobs for college students, you get a list of Genuine top 5 data entry websites from here and start your work.

3. Form Filling Jobs:

CYBER EXPO will offer Free Online form filling jobs for 12th pass students, you can get register yourself from here, here earning money is simple. you will be provided few forms and data on PDF, now copy proper string as per the instruction and get paid one you finished your projects.

Well now you know how to earn money as college students, let me know your suggestion , query, and feedback by commenting below, also if you have anymore Online Jobs For Students then please do share here. Stay tune by sharing with your facebook friends. 

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