Hubpages review : How to Make $200-$1000 Writing Online Article

Before Getting Approval from Google AdSense I was to be a part time blogger , but I was less interested on this boring writing because of no earning , I never like affiliate marketing because its work only with top level website! Hence I was read about Hubpages and take some interested to start part time content writing jobs on Hubpages. Many people say it’s a scam , many people write Hubpages review that they are manage to earned up to $500 from hubpages. So what are the truth? In order to find it I am sharing my adventure to all you guys, Let get started for Hubpages review , you guys will enjoy this when I change your mind.

How to Start writing Jobs in Hubpages?

Discover , create , connect are way to earn money on hubpages. You can sing up Hubpages from here and in order to create a free account. Now create new hub and start writing awesome article. Remember you have be patient for success. When I start my journey on Hubpages the very first problem that I faced is to get confused about how to work! But Finally I solve! Let see this video-

How Hubpages Pay you for your writing?

Hubpages will pay you on 40%-60% ration, that means Hubpages will let you earn 60% of entire earning made by all your article , as you are writing on hubpages platform that is why 40% will be deducted , I think this is really too much deduction!

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The Grate thing is not only you can earn from Google AdSense on hubpages! you have some multiple way to earn money by putting relevant amazon products ads and ebay products ads.

Hubpages review

Being a blogger , Why should I write for Hubpages?

Hubpages is for those who had hear little about blogging and earn money online ! Please keep it into your mind that instead of writing on Hubpages you can earn better by start your own self-hosted blog! But for new starter its very much better to have some good hand on Hubpages. Its help you to start without any investment as well as not required to be a self-manage server to run your blog.

Page rank does matter for any article or blog , getting a good page rank and relevant interlinking is also an additional difficult jobs for new writing , already have all of them.

Experience and money is the future resources for new writing or blog, be a part time writer on HP is really good for future blogging.

You can understand how SEO work by publishing article here , later you can apply the recipe into your blog.

How to Write quality article to get your article approved!

If you search for Hubpages reviews on the web , then you probably get confused there is so much complaints about horrible term and rules that’s kills many new writer hope! But those comment are not typically truth. Yes it’s true that Hubpages maintains a sticks rules while approving your article but this is fare as Hubpages supposed to maintenance a good page rank and super quality on Google webmaster. So if your article not getting approved by Hubpages here is few steps and SEO Tips that can help you to approved almost 99% article –

  1. Always writing quality article , don’t make copy other website content. Hubpage and Google both hate being copied content or idea.
  2. Google always like lot of information , so always writing between 900-1500 work article that definitely pay attention on Google search. Remember Hubpages pay you only if your article get decent traffic, writing so many article without generating Google organic search traffic may kills all of your effort and zero earning.
  3. Hubpages never allow republished article , so if read any article that might look so interesting then you should better to research , modify , and add some extra from your own to published any update article.
  4. Photo always create a visual gap while people reading your article , so try to add at list 3-4 photo into your article , make sure you have licence to reuse those photo. If you quite not sure about copyright low simple search free photo on Google – How to Search Free image for writing on Hubpages?
  5. Don’t forget to add video about your topic , search on YouTube and add a suitable video for your readers. Or else you can create a tutorial video on your topic.
  6. Make sure to write something new and informative that blow your readers mind.

Hubpages review in India

How Hubpages work?

As per Wikipedia hubpages is user content generated revenue-sharing website (More on Wikipedia), so you can guess the entire earning of this website is came from all the content published by their user. Hence hubpages not make disappointed their member by sharing 60% of revenue earned by their user and keep 40% revenue as user using their platform.

If want to earn money with Hubpages you should register an free account. Now you have write some hub (A new article on hubpages is called as hub) , you can easily create new hub by adding article title , article description , and also the vital one is meta description. While you are adding a new hub make sure to check out all available stuff like SEO Setting , Keyword , Adding image and video. many people manage to earn 6 figure from hubpage and the secrete to do this is adding quality content and long content.

After adding coupler of hub you should wait to be approved for your hum , once done you can start enjoying life time ravine from Hubpages.

Later you should sign up or use your existing AdSense account to monitories your content earning.

Can I use Amazon and Ebay affiliate links on my Hubpages Article?

If you like to add amazon and Ebay as additional earning you are welcome to use your affiliate links between your hubs. For maximum your revenue keep your article subjective and to the point. Don’t write your article like sales man , Use keywords to search proper amazon product link that very likely create good sales commission.

Lazy people must avoid hubpages:

Honestly speaking I am grate fan of hubpages , I work as a part time writer at hubpages , the reason why I saying that Lazy people must avoid hubpages is to , I have seen lot of negative comment against hubpages term and rules , Yes it’s may look like hubpages put lot of boundary into your writing skill but you should understand that hubpage supposed to manage their quality and article originality. Any unnecessary hub that copied from anther website may hurt Google AdSense police. As per my blogging experience I have same issue with my guest post , sometime they not maintenance to quality and its caused some negative SEO into my blog. So be interactive and keep working with your new idea for better and better writing.

How much money you can earn form hubpages?

I don’t want to make this part so compete but a standerd writer can expect up to $ 50-100 on every 50 awesome hub. Additionally I want to informed you after achieving your $ 100/month you should better to move into a self-hosted blog! Its defiantly save your 40% revenue that you missed every month as you are using hubpages platform.

Is Hubpages is full of TOS?

The answer is typically no , Hubpages never want people to get confused for their mystery term of service , actually they are try to make their service clean and Google Friendly so that people can enjoy good revenue.

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Let me know few thing !

  1. Did you start writing your first hub?
  2. How much money you are manage to earn from
  3. Did you think hubpages has lot of TOS that kills your idea to write freely?
  4. Let me know by commenting below , I will discuss some of my experience that I not sharing on above article.
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