How to start handwriting jobs from home?

So you don’t have any computer or internet connecting in your home? But still you can earn money by doing handwriting jobs from home. Now People from Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Thane can Make Money with Handwriting Jobs. So let get started →

 The purpose of handwriting jobs?

So, why handwriting jobs, well the simple and smallest answer is for book publication. Today we have Information websites like Wikipedia and Google search but still, the crore of the student are depending on Books to grab information while study.

The Top Purpose of handwriting jobs as bellow-

  1. Publishing Quick Short notebook.
  2. Publishing quick question answer book from Study materials.
  3. Quick Suggestions books and last time suggestions book for students.

How much can anyone earn from handwriting jobs?

Normally you can earn Up to Rs-1 on every line. For Quick suggestions book and question answer you can get paid up to Rs- 1 on every single question answer. As a passive income, you can easily earn Rs- 300-500 INR per day as per you handwriting skill. For one level up on this project, you can start your own business from handwriting jobs.

handwriting jobs from home

Where to Find Real handwriting jobs with Amazing Payment?

You can search newspaper advertising or classified ads in OLX or Quikr for getting real handwriting jobs. Hence it’s another good idea if you can post free ads on Quikr for the requirement of handwriting jobs. The quikr team will suggest you automatically to those hiring in handwriting jobs.

Get Home based handwriting work Workers or Work in

How can I start my handwriting jobs Business?

A passionate passive income source can be a way to start a business. It does not only give you freedom of works and more income source also it will open a new way to earn money to some need people from your city. It’s not a bad idea to start your own handwriting jobs Business.

The requirement to start handwriting jobs Business:

  1. A Books Publisher Contribution.
  2. Data conversation.
  3. Home Base Tutor.
  4. And enthusiasm to get success.

How to start?

First, you have to contact with Home Base Tutor with your new idea of publishing a book. It’s better to start with small, I recommended you for your very first year try to published 3-7 book on Last minute suggestion and Short question answer book on every class subject.

Now came back to the point, asked the home tutor to underline point from the book which to is converted as Question and answer or suggestion books.

Now hire few people for handwriting jobs and asked them to write simple question and answer from those underline point.

You can pay them Rs- 1 on every set of question and answer.

Now imagine you have 10 books with 1000 Question and answer which can be easily promotable through the publisher of a popular book. Now asked your publisher to publish them before exam and start getting revenue –

handwriting jobs from home

 You’re Business Earning on 10 question answer book publication:

5000 Question – Answer = 5000 X Rs- 1 (Rs-5,000.00)

Home Tutor Fees: (Rs- 1,000)

Publisher revenue (3%): 25,000

10,000 Copy Books Publication cost from Press: 100,000

Total Cost – 131,000

TOTAL SALES: 10,000 X 25 = RS- 250,000


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Final Word: Let me know how you manage to earn from handwriting jobs? Did plan to start handwriting jobs business? Let’s comment below to discuss more on it…

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