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If you are a spammer or only writing for your client website then try another website. here we are managing 4 blogs which getting 300,000 page every month(We are working hard to improve it. J) and we want you to give your maximum effort to give our blog reader an awesome reading experience and to the point information.

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Become a Contributor at CYBER EXPO Guest Post copy

A New Rules that you have to follow:

We know you are writing for us means you are looking for some do-follow backlink, but here the rules will be deferent than other, what you have to do is!

[su_highlight]We will give you a do-follow link to your blog/website with author 2 line bio. And in return, you have linked us (off course do-follow) back so that we both are the beneficiary of Search Engine War.[/su_highlight]

  • In case you are writing for a website which has way more traffic than our blog then we can make an extra payment to link back. (You can let me know here how much does it cost and name of the website where you are going to link us)
  • In case you are writing for a new website (Not enough traffic) then you have to pay a little amount of Rs-300.00 to Rs-1000.00 to publish your article.
  • We only accept guest post on the topic that is fit to blog, if you want to know which type of article we published here, then you can review our category and some of the recent blog post from here.

Common Rules to follow before you send your article-

  1. Send us few line about your article before you finalize it.
  2. The article should be 600-800 word.
  3. You have to provide copyright free photo. Send us a screenshot if you are writing a tutorial blog post.
  4. We don’t accept and duplicate or spam article if we found that you are copying from somewhere else, immediately we will remove your account and all post without any period notice. Also, you have to give us copyright ownership to deal with the DMCA-related issue.
  5. Send your proposal with article details, website address and few line about you. Also send few of recent published article URL, so that we can check out the quality of your writing.
  6. Within 3 working days we will send your guest author profile and then you can publish your guest post. Talk to you soon.. 🙂

Email us: [email protected] (Also email if you are interested in becoming a part-time writer here. We will be proud to pay you for your effort.)

Best of Luck.