How to Earn from Google consumer surveys? Only for US People

For last couple of day i have done a useful research of Google consumer surveys! What i found is amazing, Google not only help business owner to grow their business but also its help worldwide freelancer to make some money from Google. So lets get started to earn some money with  Google consumer surveys.

What are consumer surveys?

These are basically online surveys that can be done for various types of business needs. The business needs can be of the following

  • It can be a research made for getting the feedback from the consumer to obtain insights of some valuable tools.
  • Or it can be a survey made to know the popularity of some brands etc.

These kind of surveys helps to improve the efficiency of businesses by getting to know the needs of the consumers in a better way.

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The Google consumer surveys provide you with the capability to choose specific audience to respond your survey.

  • You can choose people from specific regions to participate in the surveys.
  • You can also choose people of specific age limits and gender to participate in the surveys.

They also provide the respondents who are frequent users of internet and are people who are well aware of the contents in the internet like news, entertainment etc.  This can improve the quality of the answers provided for your questions and the accuracy of the data received.

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Google also aggregates and analyses the data received from the surveys and provides you a statistics with good insights that you can also easily share with others.

Google consumer surveys

How to make money with Google consumer surveys?

After successful answering to the survey questions, The Respondent have chances of earning from (0.05$ to 0.5$) per survey as each survey many contain 1 to 10 questions. The more number of surveys you take up, the more chances you have for earning money.

You’ll be able to collect your earnings from the AdSense account and according to its schedule.

Google consumer surveys also have made a new way for the publishers to earn more money by monetizing their websites content. The procedure is simple, anyone who wishes to access your published content has to answer few short surveys and the publisher will be paid for these surveys too. So your chances of earning more money increases by the number of visitors who wants to access your content.

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Guide line to get started in Google consumer surveys!

You have use this link and do the Sign In to the Google account; this will lead you to the dashboard where you need to click “Create Survey” which is placed at the right hand side corner.

  • You will need to enter the Survey name, provide filtering options like the location for the survey, age of the audience and their gender for responding your survey. The pricing for the survey should also be mentioned in this page.
  • As a next step, you need to enter the questions for the survey and you also have the option to screen the applicants answering your survey.
  • As a final step you need to mention number of responses you wish for your survey.
  • You can also track the progress of your survey from here.
  • The respondents for the survey have the option to select one answer from many of the options provided for a question. It is better to provide concrete answers in case of conflicting answer choices.
  • There are also a number of other choice given to the respondent as Answers, few of them include (Entering a shot phase, entering number, provide rating etc).

My experience with Google consumer surveys! 

  • The work seems to be relatively easy as you only need to answer few questions for getting the payment, the answer options are also simple (just selecting from the many options, providing some rating and answering in a short phrase).
  • It is better to provide genuine answers to the questions in the survey, because you answers are valuable and acts as a decided factor for the business efficiency. It also gives you the chance of getting more number of surveys into your bucket and the chance to earn more income.

How Indian Freelancer can get part time jobs in Google consumer surveys!

As of now, this service is only open for US audience and provides very little opportunity for other countries.

Conclusion: If you are looking to earn money in an easy and fast way, then Google consumer surveys seems to be a good choice for you. Not only can you earn in $’s by answering few simple questions, but also get a chance to earn more income (by means of getting more number of surveys) by providing genuine answers to the questions.

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