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We are living in a generation where earning money by utilizing extra time is very important. Working on form filling jobs is a great idea to make money work at home. There are thousands of home base jobs Provider Company is there but getting Government approved Form filling jobs without investment with daily bank payment is very difficult to find.

If you are new in All money tips, then you probably do not know that all money tips is the #1 Free Online Jobs provider in India. It’s an award-winning blog where India people can get Only the Genuine Online Jobs without any upfront payment.

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Let’s see What AMT offer Form filling jobs without investment:

  • Form Filling Process 350 category:
  • Security deposit: 00.00 (Yep! All is Free here)
  • Workload – 350 forms/id (Monthly 03 times, ten days one work will be provided for successive id)
  • Rate / form : Rs. 18 / form
  • Minimum accuracy required: 40% (Below that ID will be terminated)
  • Tat: 02 days
  • Qc: 03 days
  • Billing:4 – 5 days after QC report.

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Wait there is more:

  1. Free Form Filling Software.
  2. Remote Access support.
  3. Online Training.
  4. Free Phone Support.
  5. Live Chat from Member area.
  6. Payment is Secure and Trusted by AMT Guarantee Policy.

Form filling jobs without investment

Plan and Pricing:

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How to register/enroll in our Free Online Jobs?

Registration for Online or Offline Form filling jobs in AMT is straightforward. I guess you have already chosen plans right?

As a beginner, you should try with Form Filling Process 350 category plan which is free to sing up.

Under plan and price section below there is register now button. Click over there, and you will be redirected to the application form.

Now fill out that application form with all require data including bank account details (only for payment receiving)

You will receive application success email, and once the AMT team approves your application, you will receive your member area access password.

Please as we offer Free form filling jobs so daily we received a lot of new application for joining. So your selection for our form filling jobs projects is up to us.

How do AMT Online-Offline Form filling jobs work?

There is two type of form filling projects now available in all money tips free internet jobs.

Online Form Filling Jobs:

Form filling jobs without investment from home in India offline online

Here you will provide member area access to login. Once you have Sign In! you have to click Dashboard> New Category> A New form will appear, up there will be image files to type. As per given instruction.

You should submit your form once it filled out.

This way you can earn daily payment of up to Rs-18/- on each new entry.

Offline Form Filling Jobs:

Form filling jobs without investment daily payment

You have to install medical record program (We will provide it) to work offline form filling jobs. And you don’t need any internet connection to do this work. You will be provided scanned data for filling out the form.

Once your form filled out completely, you have clicked submit and save the work to your local drive.

There is one problem in offline form filling is, you have to save all the work offline and create Disk after completing your assignment and send it to us.

The payment ratio is same as online form filling; you will get paid Rs-18.00 on each form fill out successfully.

Form filling jobs without investment Sample Image for offline form filling jobs

Your Earning Potential & Payment Method:

All the payment will be made through NEFT Bank transfer or via cheque. The payment amount will be sent after 2-4 days of your projects submission.

Member who is working online form filling jobs will get their payment daily into their register bank account. Form Filling Jobs accuracy:

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The accuracy should be as below.

Accuracy above 90.1% =  Rs. 18.00 / record = Rs. 6300/-

Accuracy 80.1% – 90% =  Rs. 11.00 / record = Rs. 3850/-

Accuracy 70.1% – 80% =  Rs. 05.00 / record = Rs. 1750/-

Accuracy 60.1% – 70% =  Rs. 03.00 / record = Rs. 1050/-

Accuracy 50.1% – 60% =  Rs. 02.00 / record = Rs. 700/-

Accuracy 40.1% – 50% =  Rs. 01.00 / record = Rs. 350/-

Below 40% No payment and No work, ID will be terminated.

The 2nd party accepts that it will take 02-05 Working days for getting the accuracy report after the deadline of the work if submitted within the period.

The 2nd party accepts that Payments will be made after 04-05 working days after you receive the accuracy report. Payment will be calculated as per the above accuracy payment specifications.

Parameters for complete slot rejection (100%):-This agreement will be terminated

Straight Forward under the following circumstances:

  1. Record name given is wrong. (Including the File name)
  2. Incomplete record.
  3. Record missing.
  4. Only DATABASE files should be present in the zip file,
  5. A total number of image records and Database files are different.
  6. Extra temporary files found or file not zipped.
  7. The file should be zipped by using only WINZIP software.
  8. Each job work should be sent as a separate attachment and in a separate e-mail.
  9. No software’s (other than client provided software for typing) should be used while performing the project.
  10. If the file name does not match with the correspondence image file name.
  11. If Filename given is wrong (Including the zip folder name)
  12. If files are not completed or not sent before the deadline mentioned by the company.
  13. If Incomplete Files.
  14. If records are received less than the records delivered to you.
  15. If work has not done by as per specifications
  16. If File not submitted for one time, job work has been rejected for any one time. Incomplete file submitted for one time.
  17. If Duplication of data found in the database.
  18. If one time not achieved the accuracy.

Specifications of FORM FILLING Project:

The 2nd party accepts that Instructions to follow while TYPING.

  1. All names should start in Uppercase, for both first and second name.
  2. All the other fields starting with alphabets should start with uppercase irrespective of the case present in the original, followed by lower case letters.
  3. If any fields are present in full caps, then make it, as usual, using the first letter in upper case and rest in lower case letters.
  4. For insurance ID use upper case for alphabets.
  5. N/A should be in uppercase letters only.
  6. All the spellings should be written as per the original; even it is written wrong.
  7. All the email ids should be in small case letters only and should be corrected if it is unfinished also.

Ex: [email protected]––––> [email protected]

[email protected] ––––> [email protected]

  1. Do not give space to the Insurance ID


*Uppercase letter          –             Capital Letter

*Lower case letter          –             Small letter

The 2nd party accepted to send all the completed job works to the specified email by a 1st party within the deadline.


The 2nd party accepts that the percentage deduction list for the errors done

Type of Error Number of errors Percentage of deduction for total slot:

1 spells error      —             0.75%

1 Field Missing   —             1.00%

  1. The 2nd Party accepts that there is no rework or next slot work if a 2nd party does not reach minimum accuracy level of 40.1 percentages
  2. The 2nd party accepts that if the 2nd party does not reach minimum accuracy level, then the 1st party has rights to outsource the same file to another vendor.
  3. The company decision will be the final on deciding all the disputes.

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Project Period Specifications:

The 2nd party will have to type approximately 180 Records per system for one monthly slot. Duration: 05 calendar Days (Includes Sundays, Saturdays and public/special holidays)

Note: The client has to submit the work before the stated Date/Time. The complete output will not be accepted under any circumstances if the time was given is exceeded, and 2nd party agrees that 1st party has right to terminate the contract if the project is not submitted in time.

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  • No: 624, Khiviraj Building,
  • 4th Floor, Annasalai,
  • Chennai-600006
  • (Opp to US Embassy, Near Gemini Flyover)

Agreement and term of Service:

Account Terminated Policy:

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