How to Earn 1Million by starting a classified website like olx/Quikr?

Unless you are pro-business marker this is no way to do this. Classified website like quikr, olx are very often manage to earn 1M. But the effort behind this level of success is not an easy task. In this article we are summarise how to start a classified websites like olx/quikr? How much effort and skill does anyone need to have to reach 1M Earning? So let get started-

What is classified website? How its work?

Classified site are used to post free ads into standard category. Few year back people post their small listing on newspaper to get respond. Now day people put query on Google to get result. So if you have small ads that you like to show into your city or any specify city better to goes online to publish your ad. Online classified site has plenty of categories to choose, so people can find their need from deferent type category by entering subcategory.

Now came back to posting a fee ads part, most of the online classified site has member management and ad management feature, so make yourself login to get started posting ads. Unlike newspaper here you ads will be visible for 30 days in your specify city. Most amazing fact is it’s a free service to you.

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How to start my own classified site?

This is technical part of your business; you have to be well knowledge on website development such as php, Linux and SEO. Let’s simplify here-

Note: It’s not necessary that you have this skill to run a successful business , you can hire a team to take care this technical sounded web devilment part and focused yourself for getting more user into your classified websites. Remember your ultimate target should be getting ton of user into your classified site.

Domain: It will be brand name of your classified website. You can visit Godaddy domain registration service to get your ideal domain name, try to find a domain that is short, easy to memorize, or keyword included. Its cost you 1200/- INR for 1 Year registration.

Script: You can call it as a framework of your classified site. There is millions of classified site are present on internet, few of them are running with free script and few has custom paid script. It’s up to you that how much you serious about your classified site! Hence for getting stared and testing purpose you can try with free classified site script.

How to Earn 1Million by staring a classified website like olxQuikr

List free classified site script:

  1. There are plenty of scripts you can use:
  2. SfClassi Responsive PHP Classified Script
  3. Classified Made Easy – PHP Script
  4. Osclass, the free classifieds script
  5. Free Classifieds Script – Open Classifieds
  6. 68 Classifieds – PHP Classifieds Software

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List of Premium classified site script:

Hosting/Server: I personally host my blog with Godaddy web server. I have never faced any problem with Godaddy’s service; hence you can choice host in order to host your new classified website. For beginning you can try to buy a Linux shared hosting service and later as soon as you realized you have decent number of traffic you can move to VPS Hosting to dedicated server.

CDN: It’s optional service, but you stop spam bot and hacking issue using cloud flare Free CDN service, later I recommend use akamin.

Transaction email: Classified site means lot of new ads and lot of transaction email per day. So your Serve IP may be may be blacklisted so you use mailchamp paid Transaction email (99% inbox delivery rates.)

Bulk Transaction SMS Service:  Its optional service, but if want your classified site sound like pro to your user you can such SMS alert service. On the other hand you stop spam bot to post spam ads but activation OTP password feature to post a new ads.

Regular upgradation and Maintenance service: You have to take care to regular update your script and develop it as much as possible for better user navigation. Include survey and feedback form in order to get statistic which part of your classified site are mostly dislike. Remove all junk navigation and include latest add-ons into your classified sites.

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How much Traffic do I need per day to competitive olx/quikr?

Okay, your classified site is now ready, what next! Now the most important part is beginning. The Online Internet marketing, you have to grab al list 10,000 daily users to earn 1 million like olx/Quikr. First of all you have hire and supper expert SEO expect , the reason is called as a supper expert because getting 10,000 user in a day can done by only  hundreds of website. For basic you have to concentrate on Local SEO, Social media optimized (SMO), better site navigation and make sure your website load faster.

How get 10,000 users into your classified site?

You have been patient for that. Make sure you hire an expect who already do this type of jobs. Here are few tips that you to to take care to get 10,000 users into your classified site.

  1. Don’t apply any dirty trick or black hat SEO tech.
  2. Use local SEO Tools and target you’re to be focused on a particular city.
  3. Use Quality ads for Google spider. Never publish duplicate ads.
  4. Invest on TV adverting, Google Adwords, and all possible internet marketing tricks.
  5. Hire few expect monkey for off page SEO, Remember, you sites should get at list page rank4-7 for better crawl rates.
  6. Google is a hungry of information, hire someone who can help your new customer to use your classified site and post more and more genuine ads.

Problem you have to overcome in order to get success!

Spam ads! Yes, I don’t know why, but whenever you get started any new classified website you have to face spam ads problem. If you are using any custom php script to run your classified site make sure you have a strong program to check such spam ads and block them automatically.

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What will be the revenue scorching if you can able to manage 10K user per day?

You have three ways to earn that much of amount-

  1. Put Google AdSense to monitories your revenue.
  2. Sell Premium ads.
  3. Sell Customer email address and mobile number only for true marketing purpose.

So , It’s really possible that one can earn 1Million by starting a classified website like olx/Quikr, only few people of the worlds can able to do it so far , We are living in a worlds that sound like crazy on globalization. Why not try and let impress the entire world’s! Do comment your thought! Best of luck.

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