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Data Posting jobs is a simple copy paste jobs where you supposed to post data /information on internet. We all know internet is like hungry dinosaur ! Everyday ton of data and information are added here to serve people search query. Every day human mind learn new fact , discover something new or update something that required to be recorded on internet. The demand of adding  data is too high that Info Data Posting Jobs is now so popular in India. Today we are going to discuss about how its work and how much money you can earn from here!

What is Data Posting Jobs?

As we already told about – it’s a posting data on internet , so as per scientific definition data posting jobs is some type of or any type information/data adding on internet operated by human is called as a data posting jobs. Hence don’t confused everything means “you can add anything” on webs and you get paid. If you want to work professionally on this popular internet jobs, then you have get trained or register for getting proper data , info , photo , video to get paid. Below we are going to discuss more about this jobs let continue reading…

What type of data I have to post on Internet?

Any data or info listed on internet may be called as data posting jobs , but if you really want to get paid for your effort and time you have work on below listed data posting jobs – As per payment and most of the internet jobs provider company portfolio we can classified data posting jobs in 7 type-

Type of data posting jobs for India people?

  1. Classified data posting jobs:
  2. YouTube Data Posting jobs:
  3. OLX/Quikr Posting and ads review Jobs:
  4. captcha Data posting/entry jobs:
  5. Online/offline Data Posting Jobs:
  6. Directory Data Posting Jobs:
  7. Excel Data Posting Jobs:
  8. Invoice Data Posting Jobs:
  9. Comment Posting jobs:
  10. Online Question/Answer Posting Jobs:
  11. Review Posting jobs:

Interested? Let’s Learn How to Do this Jobs?

[Step by Step Guide]

You can start your own Data Posting jobs (Recommended for Full-time Jobs member and Business start-up)

You can register a free account in CYBER EXPO for Get paid without doing any extra effort (Recommend for Part Time jobs members -2-4 Hours)

Step 1: Visit – and Create a free account by filling new application form.

Step 2: After Getting confirmation email from Team CYBER EXPO you suppose to send photo Id proof address proof and one pass photo sized photo.  (Please don’t send any CV or Photo/address proof unless you have send confirmation email from CYBER EXPO end)

Step 3: Its take 3-7 days to active your account , we may send an advance training documents (PDF) into your email for getting started. In the meantime you should keep studying all ebooks and video sent by CYBER EXPO.

Step 4: Now you can expect your member area access. Remember all members of data posting jobs must be login in , when you received you email for account activation , click on reset password link to generate new password . Successes? all set and done!  now login to and keep enjoying free data posting jobs for 1 year.

If have Already Registered account in CYBER EXPO , Learn How to Work!

Step1: First you have to download Data or information from your members area , as we already told data posting jobs may vary on 8 type , here in CYBER EXPO we offer Classified data posting jobs, YouTube Data Posting jobs , OLX/Quikr Posting and ads review Jobs etc. , after downloading data you can able to see ULR for posting those data and report sheet. As soon as you complete all data posting successful you can send report to [email protected]  , after verifying you data work with in next 72 3 working day we will release your payment.


Why Data Posting jobs?

You may already search form work from home jobs and confused with hundreds of jobs , so you probably asked us why should you join data posting instead of other jobs! Let find all answer below that make you believed to sign up for data posting jobs-

  1. Getting a Free Online Jobs is almost impossible on internet , if you hardly manage to find it then you we guess you have to quit too soon as their will be no support while you facing problem into your daily work. But here in CYBER EXPO we offer everything in free , no investment , no registration fees , sign and get started in 7 days will 11-6 customer care support. Amazing right? Like us on Facebook!
  2. Most of the work can be done by doing copy paste , it’s pretty much easy jobs for non-technical person.
  3. You have variation while doing data posting jobs , like if you are uncomfortable with classified posting jobs you may switch to directory posting jobs! If you have enough internet speed better to focused on YouTube posting or uploading jobs.
  4. Once again as it free , so there is no chance to of scam your registration fees.
  5. You can work from anywhere any time.
  6. From your member age you can chat another member to exchange some of your work experience.
  7. New member have lot of eBook and video training for start their work. It’s make some sense to work without fear full of confidence.
  8. Full customer support over phone and email , if required we can also help our member by team viewer and Skype!


Basic Requirement for info Data Posting Jobs?


Software Requirement:

Windows or mac with started browser , it’s better to keep at list 3 browser into your computer.

Team viewer and ammy admin

Microsoft office and adobe acrobat Reader.

Hardware Requirement:

A good PC with Webcam will be great for customer support.

Other Requirement:

2G/3G Internet , 4G? It’s awesome and definitely going to save coupler of Hours work in a week.

Your 100% effort.

3-5 Hours work in a day.

Attention and effort.

Who can work : Jobs Qualification

Any Person having Free time to spend on Internet can do this Jobs-

Basic computing knowledge with Internet surfing skills will be extra beneficiary.

Age Limit 18 yrs. – 50 yrs.

How much money I can earn by doing data posting jobs?


One of TouTuber from Indian doing part time jobs business in Delhi are manage to earn up to 65,000 INR from various data posting jobs , hence every one so qualified like him , but here in CYBER EXPO we believe in excellent support and training so that our member can maximize their earning. As we already told about the type of data posting jobs in India , you can expect your earning ration as per how many data posting you manage to cover in a month. If you really want to make this jobs more than a full time jobs we suggest you take all the responsibility to complete over all projects. By the way CYBER EXPO – has two type of plan –

Limited Posting jobs (For part time Jobs seeker)

Unlimited Posting jobs- (For Full Time Jobs seeker)

Data Posting Jobs Plan and Pricing:

Data Posting Jobs Demo:

Here is some quick and simple data posting demo work that you can start practising before get started-

Classified Posting Jobs –

Directory Posting Jobs-

YouTube Posting jobs –

OLX/Quikr Posting and ads review Jobs-

How to Start Data Posting jobs in 30 minutes!

So you are ready to go – Registering a free or paid account for data posting jobs is very simple-

  1. First visit and click on Create new account –
  2. You will be redirected to new application process page , now carefully fill everything required into the form. Make sure to add your bank account detail and IFSC Code to get paid from CYBER EXPO.
  3. Click on submit for review button and wait until team CYBER EXPO will get back to you.
  4. It is not necessary to send your photo id proof , address proof or other  documents unless team CYBER EXPO conferment you about your account activation.
  5. Once you received that your account is successful activate you can send those documents.
  6. What next? Within next 3 business day you will received your member area login ID and password.
  7. Reset your password. (make sure to use strong password)
  8. Now you are ready to start your first data posting jobs project in CYBER EXPO.

Why CYBER EXPO’s? Our Data Posting Jobs Review:

After all it’s free Jobs.

CYBER EXPO is a ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company.

Easy to access CRM (Member Portal)

We have payment variation , you can get daily , weekly or monthly payment.

Full work freedom , work anywhere any time , we have especially plan only for students , college at and retired person.

100% granted payment with risk free court paper agreements paper.

Our member is active since 24X7 of 2014 , you can work even in midnight.

Easy mini-statements and boss report instated download to get the status of all your previous work.

Don’t forget about CYBER EXPO dedicated customer support like – phone support , email support and live chat support.

Both Cheque and NEFT payment available for all India base customer.

How to Send Report and collect payment?

Most of the reporting process will be automated , hence if you have still any unsent report you can send it to [email protected] or get help by submitting this contact form.

What you have after registering a free Account in CYBER EXPO Data Posting Jobs?

  1. Free Work from 1 Year (Not Confused as Trail )
  2. Free Consultancy from our Customer Support Team
  3. Free Online Training and support via Remote access.
  4. Free Account activation.
  5. Free Account maintenance.
  6. Free Online Support a complete support like phone support, chat support, email support and also for cross checking the reports submitted by the members every month and collection. expenses to collect payment from client by our executives.
  7. Membership fee is non-required.

Is there any tools or software that I can use here?

So you are plan to  take data posting jobs serially and want to use some tools/software that can help you to work faster , well the good news is year you can use some professional data posting software that merely help you to save lot of time-

  1. Automatic ad posting software.
  2. Auto Directory submitter.
  3. Magic classified collecting tools.
  4. Offline Gmail.

Can international member do this jobs?

Simple answer is nope! We never allow any international member to work around here. This Free Data Posting jobs is only for India people.

Online Jobs Scam vs. – CYBER EXPO’s Data Posting Jobs:

Yes we understand after reading everything you might asked as few thing about scam and safety. Yes we all know very well that Getting an Real Data jobs is not so easy. The major risk is scam and money lost. Well forget about money loss as we never asked any registration fees , secondly we will offer you payment on regular base , so there is no chance to lose your valuable time or waste of effort done by you.

Also CYBER EXPO – is ISO Certified company.

We have Tax registration number under West Bengal.

And additionally you will be Provide an Agreement Paper with Two Party Signature.

Agreement Paper will be Bracketed with Your work validity , your Monthly Earning and Your Registration Details , Its Give you 100% Safety from any Fraud Activity 🙂

Is the vacancy is Unlimited for data posting jobs?

Nope , don’t confused that we can provide this free data posting jobs to unlimited number of people. We have limited outsourcing and very few people can get opportunity to work here.

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