6 Cool Jobs for College Students – Get Ready for Part Time Earning!

Now a day’s many students are interested in earning some extra income by doing some part time jobs to utilize their free time. We all know college life is is suppose to age of having some cool Jobs. So today we are going to bring you 6 Cool Jobs for College Students. Let get started-

Below are shown 6 different types of jobs that are simple and easy to do.

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1. Sales Representative (Working from home)

This job is best suited for students who have got good persuasive skills and are interested in knowing about the branded products and selling them. Companies such as Amway, Thirty-One, Mary Kay, etc allow you to work from home and sell their products at your free time. The chances of making money in this job become more as you increase the network of people for buying the products.

This job also gives good scope for the students to improve his/her Communication Skills and inter personal skills as they need to market their products to many people.

2. Tutor Jobs:

This job gives an easy and efficient way for earning money. It is well suited for students who wish to share their knowledge with others and also want to improve their skills. College students can utilize their free time in conducted Tuitions. This job is mutually beneficial where in the students gain knowledge of the subject and the Tutor (here a Student) also becomes more proficient in the subject. The job also improves the Presentation and communication skills of the Tutor. The Tutor (student) has the advantage of continuing this job as a part time throughout his career.

3. Data Entry

It is one of the easy and simple jobs for Students to work from home in their free time. The job mostly includes Typing work for e.g. Typing in a Word Document, Filling the forms, Ad posting in Classified Websites etc.. This job is suited for students who wish to earn good income for a short period of time. The earnings can be monthly, weekly and Daily. The reliability for this type of job mainly depends on the trust level of the company that provides the job and the Accuracy parameters defined for the work.

cool jobs for college students

4. Fitness Instructor

This job is suitable for Students who like to “work out” in Gym. They can take up this job as part time at their own College campus gym itself/ at any IT company’s gym. In today’s world, the hectic lifestyle and un healthy eating habits of working professions has led many IT companies in providing gym’s for their employees at their own campus itself and so give good opportunities for Fitness instructors. You can also earn money by teaching classes like yoga, Aerobics etc.. Fitness instructor (Students) can also become certified trainers in Gym and extent their chances of earning more.

The fitness instructor job not only gives you that good feeling that comes with getting a solid workout, but you will also feel great knowing you have helped others stay fit!

5. Insurance Agent

This job gives good part time earning potential for students who wish to work in their own free time. As an Insurance agent, students have the choice to work on any one or all of the Insurances types like

Life Insurance,

Car Insurance,

Medical Insurance etc..

By doing “Life Insurance” the students can earn their commission for a long period (usually till the policy ends).  

They also get good chance to earn continuous income with Car and Medical Insurances as they have to be renewed each year.

The money making opportunity in this job is directly dependent on the ability of the Student in getting more number of people to take up the Insurance policies.

6. Academic Department Assistant

This job gives good opportunity for Students to work in their own academic Department and/ in other Departments. The student’s job is to provide administrative support for an entire department. Usually the departments have lot of work to do behind the scenes and so they sometimes hire students for part-time job. This opportunity gives a chance to the student for developing his/her organizational skills that will be a great asset as they go further in their career.

It’s better for the students to look for a job in their own Department as it gives them chance to make connections and network with professors. Because, Departments generally give priority to students within the field.

Let me know if you have more doubt to clear ! or have more idea about more Cool Online Jobs for Students , we will happy to update it into our article. Keep reading us! Keep commenting here.

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