5 way to Download 100% working FREE classified sites list in India (100% Working)

I guess you are doing ad posting jobs right? Last time we have disclosed an awesome article on the list of 110% working classified sites list , this list content only 1000 classified websites list , but in the interest of doing more work, we have received so many emails to publish more classified sites list. In the meantime what we discover that almost each directory list sharing website has the same problem is the list is got scraped or not working due to non-maintenance. Also maintained an article almost in every week is almost quite impossible to a blogger.

So what is the solution?

In this article, we are not going to share you’re another list of a classified site but instead we will let you know the fundamental way to download 100% working classified sites list from Google? Let’s get started..:) 

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Here the Top 5 coolest way to download free classified sites list from Google!

 1. Use Magic Classified Collecting tools:

This one the best tools I have ever seen on the Internet, you can grab a demo magic classified sites list collecting tools from here, its tools work very sophisticatedly. After installing it you have entered the keyword and term as per your classified requirement , for an example, if you looking for free classified sites list without registration , now simply use this keyword and click on extract button , and here we go. You are now able to download 100 classified site lists without registration. This is how you can get more 600-800 lists on per search queries. At the end of your search if you use 5-10 deferent keyword you can able to finalized an awesome 100% working classified sites list that content 3000-5000 website URL.

2. Use Blog Search Tools:

Use Blog Search Tools to collect classified sites list

A lot of people does not know instead of search on Google you use Google blog search. The benefit will be you have now free access to search only BlogSpot website. So there is big chance to get those blog address that contents a huge list of classified site list that probably Google search usually does not show on top 100 results. How cool hack, is not it?

5 way to Download 100% working classified sites list from Google

3. Use Data from Google Search Tools:

Use Data from Google Search Tools:

Do you know you can customize your Google search, yes it’s true! Google Search has this awesome feature to search result of Past hour, Past 24 hours, Past Week, past month, Past Year. You probably hard know that classified sites list published on the internet before 6 months or a few years back and useless. So next time, while you are searching for classified sites, list make sure to set search result for Past hour , Past 24 hours , Past Week or for Past month.

4. Use Google Alert:

Use Google Alert to download classified sites list

If you are a serious ad posting worker you can set custom Google alert. As soon as anything will happen in your interest Google will send you an instant email. Let me explain, suppose you are looking for classified sites list and set a custom alert on Google, now very frequency Google will send alert into your email and you can go through there. This will make you instant access to all of new post or article that probably not yet index by Google but you have access them all as you have set a Google alert.

5. Use of other Search Engine sometimes work!

Yes, we know Google is the best, but a sometimes search engine like Bing, yahoo or ask.com will work for you in order to search classified sites list.

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Conclusion: This the way that we (CYBER EXPO– Team) use to collect our classified sites list for ad posting work. The success rate of collecting list is way better than copy and paste classified list from another website. Let me know which of the tracks you like more to build your own database , if like this post why not let us know through the comment section and it will inspire us to post this type of simple article in future. Jay Hind.

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